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Case Report - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2015) Volume 5, Issue 4

A typical clinic of foreign objects in the Maxillary Sinus ; Cluster-Type Head-ache

Cluster-type headaches often seen in men, which might be a different intensity, around the eyes and in the temporal region, a type of primary headache that may continue approxi-mately between 15 and 180 minutes. In the literature, a lot of reasons of cluster- type headache had been defined . Many systemic diseases may carry this symptom . Besides, belong the interest field of ear, nose and throat physician, it can bee seen in the para-nasal sinus pathology. In the literature, Headache by the foreign bodies of maxillary sinus is considered extremely rare. In this article, in the light of the literature, we present a patient refer to our clinic with symp-toms of cluster headache, at paranasal sinus CT scanning, in the maxillary sinus fungus ball was thought, that’s why caldwell-luc operation was performed and we extracted 11 pieces of glass from maxillary sinus.

Author(s): Yazici ZM, Gulustan F, Alakhras W, Cel K M, Acipayam H, Kayhan FT

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