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Abstract - Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0


 The study was conducted to estimate the prevalence of major nematodes of domestic fowls at slaughter points in Hadejia metropolis. The findings demonstrated the occurrences of Strongyloides, Askaris, Hetarakis, Acuaria and Syngamus. Out of the total of 200 domestic fowls examined, 182 (91.0%) were found positive for nematodes infection with Strongyloides sp. being the host prevalent (21.0%). Prevalence rates of infection recorded was 93.4% for males and 89.9% for females. Prevalence of (57.5%) was recorded for mixed infection and was higher than in single, and mixed infection prevalence (41.0%) was recorded and was more in females than in males. The score of Strongyloides sp. was found to be heavy. It was concluded that domestic fowls were commonly infected with nematodes in the study area and can serve as a sources of nematodes, infections to intensively managed poultry in the study area. 

Author(s): M.S.Inuwa

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