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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2019) Volume 30, Issue 2

A study of the effect of the combined application of a physiotherapeutical program with therapeutic fit balls in cases of chronic pain in the lumbar area.

Objective: To investigate the efficiency of the combined application of a physiotherapeutical program with fit-ball exercises in cases of chronic pain in the lumbar area. Subjects and method: 38 out-patients aged 39 to 67, with chronic pain in the lumbar area (dating back from 5-7 years, with last exacerbation 5-6 weeks prior to the patients? inclusion in the study), participated in the study. The patients were divided into two groups-a test group in whose physiotherapy program fit-ball exercises were included, and a control group performing standard analytical exercise routines. The pain was reported in the Visual Analogue Scale of Pain Intensity (VASPI). Muscular testing was performed at the beginning and at the end of the physiotherapy program. The physiotherapy rehabilitation program was implemented once a day during the out-patients? procedures in medical centres, and three time a week-at home. Results and discussion: At the end of the period of monitoring the condition of the patients, changes in the nature of the pain were reported in both groups: with initial levels of VASPI 3.50 for both groups, at the end of the treatment program the level reported by the test group was VASPI 2.00, and VASPI 3.00-by the control group. The continuous physiotherapy program including fit-balls leads to an improvement of the movements and a reduction of the dysfunction in cases of chronic pain in the lumbar area of the spine. The exercise programs using fit-balls performed at home enhance the functional capacity of the lumbar spine.

Author(s): Petya Kasnakova, Anna Mihaylova, Nikoleta Traykova, Penka Petleshkova

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