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Opinion Article - Journal of Clinical Nephrology and Therapeutics (2021) Volume 5, Issue 5

A study of inflammatory markers in chronic kidney disease patients from Central Indi

Introduction & Objective: Inflammation is common in chronic kidney disease, specialty patients on hemodialysis or CAPD. C-reactive protein is normally present in serum and serves as an important inflammatory marker as its concentration increases within hours of acute injury, tissue necrosis and any other inflammatory process. We studied the level of inflammatory markers (C-reactive protein, serum albumin, serum cholesterol) in patients with chronic kidney diseases with respect to these markers. Method: 105 patients with chronic kidney disease admitted in nephrology unit were studied. All patients were subjected to renal function tests, serum electrolytes, complete blood count, C-reactive protein (qualitative assessment by agglutination method), serum albumin, serum cholesterol and all other relevant routine investigations. Results: 56% were males and 44% females in studied population. Among the patients studied 30% were diabetic and 70% non-diabetic. Mean age of the patients was 51+11.53 years. Mean hemoglobin among the patients was 9.56+2.45 gm/dl. CRP was found to be positive in 55.4% while 44.6% patients were CRP negative. Serum albumin was <3.5 gm/dl in 62.25% and 37.75% patients had albumin level >3.5 gm/dl. Serum cholesterol >200 mg/dl in 54.66% and <200 mg/dl in 45.34%. Among diabetic patients, 70% were CRP positive and 30% CRP negative. 58.33% had cholesterol >200 mg/dl among diabetic patients. Serum albumin < 3.5 gm/dl was found in 83.33% patients with diabetes. Conclusion: CRP was positive in a significant proportion of chronic kidney disease patients (53.4%). And diabetic subjects, 70% were CRP Positive. Hypoalbuminemia (S. albumin <3.5 gm/dl) is found in a great majority of chronic kidney disease patients (62.25%). Majority of chronic kidney disease patients (54.66%) have hyperlipidemia (serum cholesterol >200 mg/dl). This percentage is still higher in diabetics (58.33%). A significantly higher proportion of subjects with Diabetes (83.3%) have hypoalbuminemia (Serum albumin <3.5 gm/dl)

Author(s): Punit Gupta

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