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Perspective - Journal of Clinical Immunology Research (2023) Volume 6, Issue 2

A short study on immune based treatments and the development of tumour vaccines

 Over the past few decades, tumour immunotherapy research has advanced significantly, with many trials now being evaluated in clinical settings. A promising treatment approach for the immunotherapy of solid tumours is the cancer vaccination. Tumor antigens from cancer vaccines, which may be given as entire cells, peptides, nucleic acids, etc. induce anti-tumor immunity. Ideal cancer vaccines would stimulate both humoral and cellular immunity while overcoming tumor

induced immune suppression. In this review, we discussed four platforms for the creation of cancer vaccines and described how cancer vaccines work. We also emphasised the development of the cancer vaccines’ clinical research, paying particular attention to their clinical use and therapeutic efficacy, which should hopefully make it easier to build a new cancer vaccine in the coming.
Author(s): Achega Alona

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