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Editorial - Journal of Fisheries Research (2021) Volume 5, Issue 9

A short note on marine farming advances.

Marine farming is one of the mariculture methods that is widely used throughout industry. When assessing the sustainability of this approach for fish production, it must be implemented in the appropriate climate. If the appropriate development circumstances are fulfilled, marine farming can prove to be a useful approach for delivering the crop if it is done in the right environment for the species. Marine farming has concentrated a variety of species, including salmon, cod, and scallops, as well as some types of prawns, European lobsters, abalone, and ocean cucumbers. Species grown in marine farming methods do not require any additional artificial feed because they live off of naturally occurring supplements in the canal where the ocean pen is put up. The average effort on incorporating the usage of ocean farming and ocean pens necessitates the adolescents of the produce species being planted on the lower part of the waterway inside the pen, and as they grow, they begin to use a larger portion of the water segment inside their ocean pen.

Author(s): Jesmond Sammut*

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