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Review Article - Journal of Advanced Surgical Research (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

A review of periosteal pedicle graft technique for the management of Gingival recession defects.

Now a day’s gingival recession has become a very common finding along with inadequate vestibular depth. Gingival recession may be a concern for patients for a number of reasons such as root hypersensitivity, erosion, root caries and esthetics many techniques have been utilized in order to treat such defects and obtain predictable root coverage. Several graft procedures are used to obtain the coverage however, a graft having its own vascularity that can be extricated from the adjoining defect site in ample amounts with a capacity to regenerate is ideal. Since, the periosteal pedical graft satisfies the all requirements of an ideal graft material like own blood supply, its regenerative potential, ample amount of availability, single surgical site, also when compared to other graft materials its properties have proved to be superior, recently its use as a graft has shown better results when used for the management of gingival recession defects. The present review article is undertaken to evaluate the use of Periosteal Pedicle Graft (PPG) and its success over the past one decade for treating gingival recession defects.

Author(s): Ajay Mahajan

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