Materials Science and Nanotechnology

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Mini Review - Materials Science and Nanotechnology (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

A noble approach to compute the magnetic flux density, magnetic force distribution and its application on magnetic levitation.

In this work a novel method is introduced for the computation of magnetic flux density and magnetic force of attraction. In the first step, equations for the magnetic flux density are derived using scalar and vector potential along with Helmholtz decomposition equation. Concept of origin shifting and geometrical shape compensation is used to formulate the formula. This concept is further used for the analysis of magnetic field distribution in space around for permanent magnet. Secondly, Equation of force in one dimension is used to model the system both electrically and mathematically to obtain the overall transfer function. In order to reduce the settling time, PID control system is used. Finally, an excellent and robust nature of levitating system is demonstrated by means of simulation studies in MATLAB and measurement results.

Author(s): Amrit Panthi*

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