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Research Article - International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2022) Volume 10, Issue 9

A comparison of rare alleles of ABO blood group system in three Asian populations

Genotyping of the ABO blood group system has been carried out on the Chinese population and compared with the other two Asian populations the Japanese and Korean populations. We performed the PCR-RFLP, PCR-SSP, and PCR direct sequencing approach for the analysis of the nucleotide at 11 positions, nts 261, 297, 467, 526, 646, 681, 703, 796, 802, 803, and 1060. Apart from the common alleles, we detected three rare alleles in our study: A1(Pro) (=A101), A2(Leu) (=A201), B (=B101), O(T) (=O01), O(A) (=O02), and O2 (=O03), A1(Leu) (=A102). Names for the rare alleles of the ABO gene were used according to the dbRBC; Ov1, Bv2, Bv in the Chinese population. The comparison of these rare alleles with the other two Asian populations showed that based on these rare alleles the frequency is similar in the Chinese and Japanese populations but this frequency in Korean population is different from the Chinese population. According to our results, the Chinese population is similar to the Japanese as compare to the Korean population.

Author(s): Ghani Ur Rehman*, Hong Shi, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Rahman Ali Shah

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