Microbiology: Current Research

Articles in Press

2018: Volume 2, Issue 3

Case Report P.1-2

The first case report of cystic echinococcosis.

Author(s): Yumin Z, Riming W, Shigui C, Yishu Z, Zheng M, Zhinsheng D

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Research Article P.24-30

Screening, isolation, biochemical and plant growth promoting characterization of endophytic bacteria.

Author(s): Abid Ullah, Hafsa Mushtaq, Usman Ali1, Hakim, Ehsan Ali, Samavia Mubeen

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Review Article P.14-30

Quality control of vaccines-A journey from classical approach to 3Rs.

Author(s): Suresh K, Mahendra PS, Vijay KB, Ramendra PP

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Short Communication P.18-20

Mechanisms of immune evasion by Trypanosoma brucei.

Author(s): María Elizabeth Márquez

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