Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutic Research

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Current Issue

2018: Volume 2, Issue 3

Research Article P.3-5

Assessment of amino acid in hypertensive patients.

Author(s): Younis Khider

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Research Article P.6-12

4'-O-β-d-Glucopyranosyl-4-hydroxy-3,3',5-trimethoxychalcone derived from Brassica rapa L. induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells.

Author(s): Masahiro Kurita, Toshimitsu Nakayama, Satoru Asami, Taketo Uchiyama, Shinichi Ono, Atsuyoshi Nishina, Mamoru Koketsu, Takashi Suzuki

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Research Article P.13-16

An assessment of the quality of antibiotic prescription in Katutura health centre, Khomas region.

Author(s): Jacob Sheehama, Linda Van Zyl, Vetja Hakuuria

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