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Journal of Psychology and Cognition

2017: Volume 2, Issue 4
  • Research Article
    Evaluating the difference in attitude between students and illiterates towards disabled people
    Muhammad Ali Khan, Feroz Shah Khan
  • Short Communication
    Adverse childhood experience detrimental to health and function
    Trevor Archer
  • Case Report
    Diagnostic and therapeutical challenges of late-onset psychosis.
    Gracia-García Patricia, González-Maiso Ángela, Romance-Aladren Marina
  • Research Article
    Blood pressure in women presenting fibromyalgia as a function of pain and avoidance disparities.
    Kerstin Wentz, Trevor Archer
  • Short Communication
    Evidence for the superiority of the large line-up.
    Avraham Levi, Doron Menasheh
  • Case Report
    A therapeutic dilemma: symbolic versus literal approach whilst working with adolescent patients, shown with the use of clinical examples.
    Maria Barbara Lokaj, Maria Teresa Aydemir