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2018: Volume 2, Issue 3

Research Article P.12-23

Impact of β-aminobutyric acid on induced resistance in tomato plants exposed to a combination of abiotic and biotic stress.

Author(s): Ines Ben Rejeb, Victoria Pastor, Valérie Gravel, Brigitte Mauch-Mani*

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Research Article P.24-33

The law of the field crop performance productivity.

Author(s): Petras Lazauskas

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Review Article P.5-11

The prospect of sweet sorghum as the source for high biomass crop

Author(s): Sanyuan Tang, Zi Wang, Chengxuan Chen, Peng Xie, Qi Xie

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Mini Review P.1-4

Damage of a well-known quarantine pest 'Spodoptera frugiperda' (Fall armyworm) on Maize crop and its IPM strategies in globe

Author(s): Umar Niaz*, Amjad Khan, M Umar Javed, M Atif, Shahab-ud-Din

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