Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany

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2018: Volume 2, Issue 4

Editorial P.1-2

Ethnobotany: prioritization and validation of new prospects.

Author(s): Gopal Dixit*


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Research Article P.3-6

Toxic effects of Nigella sativa against Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae).

Author(s): Zeeshan Ali*, Urooj Mazhar


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Research Article P.12-16

A new rapid, low-cost and GPS-centric unmanned aerial vehicle incorporating in-situ multispectral oil palm trees health detection.

Author(s): Bryan D. See*, Shaiful J. Hashim, Helmi Z. M. Shafri, Syaril Azrad, Mohd. Roshdi Hassan


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