Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation

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Current Issue

2018: Volume 2, Issue 4

Research Article P.1-5

Statistical correlation and seasonal comparative study of groundwater samples of Jaipur.

Author(s): Vasundhara Magroliya*, Monika Trivedi


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Research Paper P.6-13

Bioremediation of hazardous pollutants i.e. phenol from water and waste water using poplar tree wood activated carbon.

Author(s): Kadirvelu K*, Kumar RD, Kannan GK


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Research Article P.14-20

Management of flood risk in the center of Ghardaia city with a geographic information system (SIG) after the flashflood of 1st October 2008.

Author(s): Boulaghmen F *, Benouar D, Kalbaza M


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Research Article P.21-30

Causes and impacts of shankila river water pollution in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Author(s): Mekonnen Maschal Tarekegn*, Amsalu Zomaneh Truye


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2018: Volume 2, Issue 3

Research Article P.1-7

Microbiological Analysis for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Author(s): Syed Mohsin Waheed*, Palak Sangal, Shivangi Shukla


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