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Journal of Clinical and Experimental Toxicology

Journal of Clinical & Experimental Toxicology is a peer reviewed scientific publication that offers an open access forum to explores the impact of diversified toxicity on the life including human, animal, aquatic and marine life.

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The journal aims to cater to the diversified needs of veterinary professionals, neurologists, physicians, dietician, nutritionists, agricultural scientists, gynecologists, career councilors, human resource development professionals and Information Technology specialists. To this extent, the journal accommodate a vast spectrum of topics within the field of clinical and experimental toxicology, including Forensic toxicology, Environmental, Toxicology , Food toxicology, Xenobiotics, Aquatic Toxicology, Biotoxins, Nanotoxicology, Carcinogens, Clinical Toxicology, Veterinary Toxicology, Toxicology Methods and Mechanisms, Forensic anthropology, Microbial Toxins, Occupational toxicology, Systems Toxicology, Neurotoxicity, Ototoxicity, Reproductive Toxicology, Genotoxicity, Computational Toxicology, and Pesticide toxicity The journal constitutes its Editorial-Board comprising scholars from all over the world to explore the toxicology research to strengthen this field of study.

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Review Article January 09, 2018


J Clin Exp Tox: 1(1): 30-37

Antimicrobial resistance: An agent in zoonotic disease and increased morbidity.

Elaine Meade, Mark Anthony Slattery, Mary Garvey

Research Article January 09, 2018


J Clin Exp Tox: 1(1): 38-45

Determination of indoor formaldehyde concentration by portable sol-gel scanometric method.

Zohreh Mehrabadi, Hossein Faghihian, Abdolreza Khajehzadeh

Research Article December 15, 2017


J Clin Exp Tox: 1(1): 21-29

180-Days repeated dose oral toxicity study of polyherbal unani formulation: Jawarish Shahi

Mohammad Ahmed Khan, Mohd Urooj, Thejaswini G, Syed Shoeb Ahmed, Munawwar Husain Kazmi, Gulam Mohammed Husain*

Research Article November 20, 2017


J Clin Exp Tox: 1(1): 7-20

Residues of some organic pollutants, their bioaccumulation, and risk assessments profile in Lake Temsah, Ismailia, Egypt

Tawfic Ahmed M, Almatari, MS, Yousry M Ahmed, Laila Reda and Naglaa Loutfy

Editorial October 20, 2017


J Clin Exp Tox: 1(1): 1-2

Central mechanisms of acute lithium toxicity: do accumulating data offer a new approach in treatment?

Pinar Yamanturk-Celik

Research Article October 17, 2017


J Clin Exp Tox: 1(1): 1-6

Cilia movement of ependymal cells in the third ventricular surface is inhibited by the administration of methylmercury to mouse

Takeshi Minami, Kaho Ueda and Teruki Hagiwara