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2017: Volume 1, Issue 3
Research Paper
Restricting Anaerobic Glycolysis Reliance (Warburg effect): Novel Natural Products Based Therapeutic Strategy for Cancer Treatment.
Author(s): Robert Gallagher, Noboru Motohashi, Anuradha Vanam, Rao Gollapudi
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Letter to Editor
Preferences and Expectations of the Older Adult Care
Author(s): Rangel-Selvera Omar Alejandro, Gonzalez-Esparza Silvia Ariadna, Rodríguez-Cantú Juan Lorenzo, Cervantes-Madrid Rogelio David
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Research Article
Forced Expiratory Volume Factors of Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients.
Author(s): Rabindra Nath Das
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Bacteriophage Derived Products Should be Encouraged as a Direct or Indirect Options for Disease Targeting-Promoting Awareness for their Safer Applications.
Author(s): Swapnil Ganesh Sanmukh and Sérgio Luis Felisbino
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Anti-sclerostin Antibodies and the Future Treatment of Osteoporosis
Author(s): Majid H Alabbood
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