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Original Article - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

X-linked colour vision deficiency (CVD) in some government school children of Nepal.

The X-linked colour vision deficiencies have different frequency and incidence in various locations and different castes. A total of 386 Nepalese children including 214 males and 172 females between ages 10-16 years were evaluated and screened for X-linked CVD in different government schools. An individual child was presented with the Ishihara’s 38 Plates edition under normal day light from a distance of 75 cm and single plate was shown to them for 5 seconds. Among 214 boys, 13 (6.07%) were colour deficient. Among 172 girls, 4(2.32%) were colour deficient. The prevalence of colour vision deficiency in school children shows the importance of proper screening in schools.

Author(s): Sushil K, Sushma D, Rani G

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