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The Allied Academies Call for the Winter 2013 International Internet Conference

The Allied Academies will hold its 1st Annual Winter Internet Conference on December 16-20, 2013. Submissions and registration materials are due by December 11. The registration fee for submissions received on or before that date is $200. The registration fee for any submissions received after the deadline is $250.

To provide you with maximum outlets for your research, the Allied Academies will hold joint meetings of all its member academies. Each Academy publishes one or more double blind, peer reviewed journal, with a 25% acceptance rate.

Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies (AAFS)
Academy for Economics and Economic Education (AEEE)
Academy of Educational Leadership (AEL)
Academy of Entrepreneurship (AE)
Academy of Information and Management Sciences (AIMS)
Academy of Organizational Culture, Communications Conflict (AOCCC)
Academy of Marketing Studies (AMS)
Academy of Strategic Management (ASM)
Academy of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues (ALERI)
Academy for Studies in International Business (ASIB)
International Academy for Case Studies (IACS)
Academy for Studies in Business (ASB)

All papers accepted for presentation at the Conference will be published in the appropriate Proceedings. As with our physical conferences, all papers submitted to the conference are eligible for the Accelerated Journal Review (AJR) process. You will know the results of the accelerated review within 2 weeks (or less) from the time your full paper is received (please note that you must register for the conference before submitting your full paper for consideration). The Accelerated Review Process is a double blind peer review conducted by members of the appropriate Journal Editorial Board. There is a 25% acceptance rate for these manuscripts, and approved papers will appear in the appropriate journal within nine months of submission. In addition, the top papers submitted for the conference will be recognized with a Distinguished Research Award.

The conference will be set up similarly to the Internet Division at each conference with the addition of an interactive bulletin board for posting comments and the ability to post power point presentations, videos, etc. We look forward to your participation!

Please visit our Submission Instructions page for more information

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