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Bioelectronics & Cell Signaling:

Bioelectronics like bio-fuel cells, bionics, etc is getting used in conjunction with various biosensor devices like blood sugar meter, etc. Cell signaling is that the interaction of the complex systems thereto governs the prime functions like cellular activities & cell coordination to perceive and also react to the environmental factors. Cell signaling has great scope in studying diseases and also their effective treatment. The rising field of Bioelectronics seeks to use biology in conjunction with physics during a wider context encompassing, as an example , biological fuel cells, technology and biomaterials for IP, data storage, electronic parts and actuators. A key side is that the interface between the biological materials and micro- and Nano-electronics. Bio electrochemistry may be a branch of chemistry and biophysical chemistry involved topics like cell electron-proton transport, cell wall potentials and conductor reactions of oxidoreduction enzymes. ancient add biology has centered on checking out individual elements of cell signal pathways.

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