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Pnina Ron Author

Privatization of health and welfare services for older adults in Israel: Gains, deficiencies and the multifaceted dilemmas

Department of Gerontologist, School of Social Work, University of Haifa, Israel


Pnina Ron is work as a  gerontologist, staff member at the School of Social Work, University of Haifa, Israel. Field of interest: Inter-generational Transmission, Elderly people mental health, impact of wars and military event on deferential groups of Arabs and Jewish people in Israel.Her current research interests are: inter generational transmission; Elderly people mental health, PTSD, ASD and the impact of on-going wars and military events. Her research involved both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Subjects of specialization: Gerontology , Social Psychology , Geriatric Psychiatry, Terrorism , Marriage

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