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Joint Event on International Conference on OBESITY AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & International Conference on VACCINES AND IMMUNOLOGY
June 28-29, 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Joseph Foreman

Fit & Healthy Solutions Limited, UK

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Asian J Biomed Pharmaceut Sci

DOI: 10.4066/2249-622X-C1-002


Psalm 119:1 “Blessed are the undefiled” this means today, that we have allowed our children to become people eating processed/non-organic materials and creating what is called (Auto-Intoxication) of the digestive system. When we, as humans eat, ingest and begin to digest organic plant food, natural meats, fishes and foods from grains, pulses, fruits and the but family; we can look forward to our bodies being at optimum level, full functionality for vitality and best health possible. Processed food however, has overtaken healthy choices by some margin (no. not yet known data wise), but suffice to say, we as adult and careers for the next generation have caused poor habitforming issues to take hold of our youth today; thus, leading towards issues such as: liver health going down, Yes! Type 2 diabetes in children as young as nine have been reported on the western hemisphere as well…but what are we doing about this scourge? The author feel that we should begin by creating fun, entertaining apps, ways to get kids/children fit, use technology such as Snapchat to create functional health platforms and keep our kids from today’s sicknesses and lifestyle diseases that can lead towards things such as: neuropathy, liver failure, stroke/cancers of various types and more (common in advanced type 2 diabetes in adults). The need to educate nations of food poverty (not lack of wealth) such as: some middle eastern nations, most of sub Saharan Africa, Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula as well the Caribbean and India along with Pakistan. The author’s main point is to raise awareness and educate on the topic of processed food versus organic food as swiftly as possible, create a mastermind group to help me with this and make real change for the worlds next generation of adults.


Joseph Foreman is a qualified personal Trainer, Nutritionist, GP Referral Exercise Specialist. After seeing a TEDx talk by the UK Chef Jamie Oliver, he overcame with the desire to create a business and legacy to combat diabetes as well as obesity in children, and adults; to educate people from nations that suffer from food scarcity and poverty organic food education wise.

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