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The role of medical speech language pathologist in an acute-care setting

Webinar on Otorhinolaryngology: ENT Surgery and Cosmetics
February 09, 2022

Norah Alghusun

Dar Al- Arab Medical Center, KSA

Keynote : Otolaryngology Online


The Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) scope of practice is ever evolving, especially in current medical settings. The SLP’s role is closely intertwined with the Otorhinolaryngologist in implementing diagnostic and treatment services for pediatric and adult patients with the following disorders: aural rehabilitation following cochlear implementation surgeries, rehabilitation of head and neck cancer survivors, managing tracheostomy and speech valves, cleft lip and palate, voiceand resonance disorders, swallowing disorders, speech and language disordersand dysfluency disorders. Also, slps work closely with the neurologist to diagnose and treat the following cases: brain tumors, traumatic brain injuries, stroke rehabilitation, motor speech disorders, cognitive disordersand implementation of Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC). Current evidence-based practice recommendations encourage slps to work in a multidisciplinary fashion with medical professionals to improve the quality of patientcentered care following the World Health Organization- International Classification Functioning, Disabilityand Health Model (ICF). In this presentation, we will discuss the role of a medical SLP in the acute medical settings and what types of instruments and tests do they require to provide optimum clinical care. Furthermore, we will discuss slps involvement in participation in various designated clinical pathways in acute care settings to ensure best practice.


Norah Alghusun. ma, ccc-slp; is an american speech and hearing association (asha) certified slp who holds a doctorate in speech language pathology from the george washington university and a bachelor of science degree in rehabilitation of speech and hearing from king saud university. she was a first-place winner in the assistive technology and reimagining aging track at mit healthcare hack-athon which was held in ksa in nov 2018. her invention: (afsih); an arabic augmentative and alternative communication (aac) device received a grant for fast-track incubation from “badir”.

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