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April 11-12, 2019 | Barcelona, Spain

Le Thuy Trang

Dewon Training Company, Vietnam

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Res Clin Dermatol


Turned on with how much trouble the pressure of work and daily life, then one day looking back, you will be alarmed when discovering the cheeks start sagging, dark skin goes from time to time. When caught when you first realize the problems, they appear more and more on your skin, you will realize that the beauty goes hand in hand with the time, one year each year, each year your skin degrades somewhat. That is the most specific sign of the skin when it is entering the aging process.

Skin aging is the obsession of women and sooner or later you will encounter. As the aging process begins, the functions of the skin gradually deteriorate, making the skin weaker. Natural nutrients help maintain elasticity and nourish skin; and then there are some wrinkles and dryness in the eyes of the eyes, corners of the mouth. Some people speckled a few spots on the cheekbones, but there was a more severe case, which appeared all the marks, this brand. But more or less, entering the threshold of 30, the skin begins to age is also when the sisters are worried, lack of confidence with their skin and beauty.

Proper and scientific facial care will help you own beautiful, healthy and smooth skin. In particular, the basic facial care steps are very important and need to be carried out daily to achieve the best results. In addition, proper skin care will help you minimize the process of skin aging, especially in the face area. So, you need to care your skin at home in the right ways to make your skin healthy and smoothy.


Le Thuy Trang completed her doctor of business administration from Hong Kong University. She had over 10 years working for Vietnam local government as a head of foreign affair office. At the same time she managed her private company for training and import-export cosmetic and she is also an expert for beauty care and shading eyes brown.

E-mail: [email protected]

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