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Rare case of iatrogenic aortocoronary dissection by diagnostic transradial cardiac catheterization

Joint Event on 10th WORLD HEART CONGRESS & 6th International Congress on CARDIOLOGY AND CARDIAC SURGERY
December 02-03, Dubai, UAE

Amit Soni, Timur Maslov, Kenzhebek Bizhanov, Robert S Mvungi, Mustafa Bapumia

National Scientific Centre of Surgery, Kazakhstan The Aga Khan Hospital, Tanzania

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A combined, type A Aortic dissection with coronary artery dissection during diagnostic coronary angiography is an extremely rare, but a very critical complication with high mortality. During a coronary artery involvement as an entry point, it can be treated by sealing the dissection plane with a coronary stent. Extensive dissections may require a surgical intervention. Different factors that influence the management decision includes hemodynamically unstable patient, aortic injury mechanism, size, severity, direction in which the dissection spreads, intimal flap presence, and preexisting atherosclerotic disease. We present a case of type A aortic dissection including dissection of ostium of right coronary artery (RCA) caused by a diagnostic coronary catheter. This iatrogenic aortic dissection required emergent coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) to RCA and surgical repair with supracoronary replacement of the ascending aorta.



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