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Posture and mobility as CNS markers

International Conference on Central Nervous System & Therapeutics
Nov 12-13, 2018 | Paris, France


Institute Neuro Performance, Canada

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What would be the easiest way to unload the brainstem, driving our sympathetic response to the roof? Let me show you how I manage it, by loading the frontal cortex and by optimizing the sensory inputs of the system.


Nicolas Desjardins is working in Institut Neuro Performance, Canada.Living with a partial handicap from childhood to 25 yo, Nicolas decide to learn about the human body. He first starts as a massage therapist. 10 years later, and still passionate, he has now more than 5000 hours of training that he has acquired in 7 different countries and 10,000 hours of clinical practice. He has taught for 4 schools in 3 countries and wants to share his knowledge by offering courses to therapists in the world in order to change the current practices to a higher level. Since winter 2017, he’s doing a Doctorate / Ph.D in Integrative Medicine at Quantum University, in the USA.

E-mail: [email protected]