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Modified palatal suspension: A complete mucosal preservation

7th International Conference on Otolaryngology: ENT Surgery
September 05-06, 2019 | London, UK

Rashu Mittal M S

Bahrain Specialist Hospital, Bahrain

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Variety of surgical options are available to deal with palatal and pharyngeal collapse. Each technique has their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. No universal procedure has been defined so far with standard consensus.

The common idea is to achieve maximum possible expansion of obstructed segment of the upper airway. But this goal should not be at the cost of excessive tissue compromise which may produce undue complications and dilute the intended result. Modified palatal suspension with or without relocation pharyngoplasty is an innovative procedure to deal with anteroposterior palatal collapse in cases of moderate to severe degree of obstructive sleep apnea. The procedure involves suspension of palatopharyngeus muscle fibers to pterygomandibular raphe in superficial to deep manner without any mucosal or muscle dissection of palatal framework. Significant and sustained improvement was noticed in terms of retropalatal area expansion, subjective and PSG parameters over six months follow up.

No significant or long-term side effects were observed in follow up period. Additionally, low cost involved, and ease of procedure favors the use of this technique as a good surgical alternative.




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