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Macro Neurophysiological Biophysical Information Tools (MNPBIT) treat Mental Disorders

2nd International Conference on Central Nervous System and Therapeutics
June 10-11, 2019 | Edinburgh, Scotland

Naisberg Yakov

National Israeli Center for Psychosocial Support of Survivors, Israel

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Neurol Neurorehabil Res


There is no difference between a physical homeostatic health and a mental (biophysical physiological) health and disorder. Both have a unique neurophysiological biophysical mechanism that synchronizes the double, the daily wakeful voluntarily and nighttime automatic circadian cycles function of the organism in health and disrupts both at neuropsychiatric and neuropsychological disorders. Chronic stress that carries threatening material to a personal image or body using macro biophysical neurophysiological units of the processing information produced along sensory neuronal networks a physical distress across membrane ionic channels blocking the flow of ionic information. Distress causes partial or complete physical injury to ion channels blocking them that automatically shifts the current of ionic units that pose a threat from such distress into faulty communication paths at the same time as two problems arrive. First, automatically through the transfer of corrupted data units of biophysical information get delivered into non-specialized working memory centers that triggers the morbid symptoms. Second, it automatically disconnects the voluntary mental regulation thereby stabilizing the neuropathophysiological mechanism being guided by an abnormal neural loop operation (ANLO), automatically regulating a transient homeostatic deregulated (THD) condition (recurrence) to install abnormal body operational ranges (BOR) generating hypersensitivity and hyperactivity or hyposensitivity and hypoactivity to the outside world. Based on these biophysical neuro-pathophysiological features, the presentation reconfirms the healing process of neuropathophysiology by reprocessing neuro-psychotherapy with the same neurophysiological biophysical mechanism that was proactively mobilized in strategies, tooling techniques, and skills that contain continuous placebo effects to neutralize the unfortunate neuro-pathophysiology of THD and gradually replace it with the voluntary regulatory release of the mobile mind operating within the immobile neuronal networks of the brain with transient homeostatic resynchronized (THR) recovery. And for long-term sustenance it must be supported under continuous stress-free interactions.


Yakov Naisberg is M.D, AMCHA- Branch Netanya at National Israeli Center for Psychosocial Support of Survivors of the Holocaust and the Second Generation, Netanya, Mendel Zinger St. 13/2, Haifa, Israel . Yanchun Chi is the Editorial Board Member of many peer reviewed journals and his area of expertise, as a Research Scholar credits him with many publications in national and international journals. He is committed to highest standards of excellence and it proves through his co-authorship of many books. 

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