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Improvement in quality of life through the use of mandibular advancement Herbst appliance in patient with obstructive sleep apnea

2nd International Conference on Pathology and Surgical Pathology
July 05-06, 2019 | Paris, France

Ana Carolina Costa Stival, Danilo Cassiano Ferraz, Thalles Eduardo Ribeiro, Allyne Jorcelino Daloia de Carvalho, Anahi de Paula Melo, Jessica Ribeiro Damasceno, Kassia Gabriela Silva Ribeiro, Rafael Antonio Veloso Caixeta, Ana Paula de Lima Oliveira and Paulo Cezar Simamoto Junior

Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil

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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a disorder caused by partial or total upper airway obstruction during sleep. It is believed that pharyngeal airway obstruction improves with mandibular advancement by using oral appliances. Patient with 23 years, male, bring forward the clinic at University of Uberlândia an obstruction during sleep, was diagnosed OSA with the help of polysomnography. Additionally, it was necessary a laryngoscopy performed by a doctor for diagnosis of partial or total obstruction upper airway. Herbst therapy was chosen, which consists in preparation of a device for mandibular advancement. The patient had to use the appliance for 6 months in an attempt to prevent obstruction. After this period, it was applied a questionnaire which evaluates the patient's quality of life after using Herbst appliance. To colloborate this analysis, it was performed a final polysomnography. The results presented significant differences on the quality of life of this patient. Therefore, the Herbst appliance could be used in cases of upper airway obstruction as an alternative to conventional treatment for this type of disorder.


Ana Carolina Costa Stival is a coordinator at Ministry of Science and Technology in Brazil and she completed her education at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. 

E-mail: [email protected]

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