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Depletion of social capital and decline of competency among DOTS healthcare professionals: Evidence from field experiences in India

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March 26-27, 2018 | Orlando, USA

N Ravichandran

Hamdard University, India

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Background: Single-window care and treatment for tuberculosis and HIV co-morbidities is still a distant dream, which further fueled by health poverty and incapacity of healthcare system in India. Nevertheless, the study aimed at measuring the intensity of social capital and their degree of competency of DOTS healthcare-personnel in providing care and treatment to tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS co-morbidities. Methods: The cross-sectional study conducted during September – February 2017 in Delhi-National Capital Region with 300 DOTS healthcare-personnel who provide HIV/AIDS care and treatment. Results and Conclusion: Over three-fifths (61%) studied healthcare professionals consented that diluting the prescribed tuberculosis management practices. The study found that one-third of healthcare-personnel are familiar with RNTCP guidelines. Two-thirds (64%) reported that sputum diagnosis is appropriate method for tuberculosis presence, Painstakingly, about one-fourth (24%) stated MDR drug is ineffective in HIV co-infection, one-fifth (21%) quoted wrong tuberculosis resistance procedures while a half (50%) admitted that not following the revised guidelines for treatment regimen. e:


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