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Best practices of community based solid waste management in Panga, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

5th International Conference on Recycling & Waste Management
March 05-06, 2018 | London, UK

Nabin Bikash Maharjan

Blue Waste to Value, Nepal

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Environ Waste Management and Recycling


Municipal solid waste management continues to be a major challenge for local governments in both urban and rural areas across the world, and one of the key issues is their financial constraints associated with the management as a whole in developing and under developed countries like Nepal. In contrast to the problems, recently a best practices on community based solid waste management model were implemented through the active participation of existing and non-existing stakeholders. This basic level of community interventions and adoption ability of the people living in the community assisted the team to come up with the stress-free, expedient and sustainable management system with the use of low resources, efforts and smooth regulations. Community interventions on adopting the source segregation, applied polluter’s pay principle (PPP), reprocessing and recycling has helped significantly reduce the waste generation in the source and also help to minimise it going to the landfill. The ultimate products that are produced from the management is being recycled, reused and thus recovered withdrawing the optimum financials that covers the regular cash flow deficits of this small and medium scale enterprise (SMEs). This has entirely proved to manage Solid Waste efficiently.


Nabin Bikash Maharjan is a CEO of Blue Waste to Value Pvt. Ltd. And he has been working in Solid Waste Management since 1996 based in Kathmandu, a capital city of Nepal. He has experienced in research on integrated solid waste management in households, community, municipalities. He had also served as a project coordinator of “Poverty Reduction of Informal Waste Workers in Solid Waste Management Sector (PRISM) from Centre for Integrated Urban Development (CIUD) in a project funded by the European Union and Practical Action. He has developed the several vessels composting models for the households in Kathmandu.
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