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AnnexinA7 knockdown could suppress cell proliferation and metastasis in gastric cancer

2nd International Conference on Pathology and Surgical Pathology
July 05-06, 2019 | Paris, France

Xin Li

Chengde Medical University, China

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Gastric cancer is one of the most deadly disease around the world. However, the mechanism of it is still unclear. AnnexinA7 is one of the calcium-dependent phospholipid binding protein which is involved in the cell membrane dynamics and cell signal transduction. Whether AnnexinA7 play any role in the development of gastric cancer is still unknown. In this study, RNA interfering was performed to silence AnnexinA7 in gastric cancer cell lines MGC-803 and MKN-45. Cell proliferation was detected by MTT method, while cell metastasis was examined by wound healing assay and trans well assay respectively. Western blotting was employed to detect the expression of the EMT marker genes and the key genes in the ERK signal pathway. Our results indicated that AnnexinA7 acted as an oncogene suppressor and could suppress cell proliferation and metastasis in gastric cancer which might via ERK signal pathway.


Xin Li has completed her PhD at the age of 36 years from Hebei Medical University, China. She is the professor of Chengde Medical University, China. 

E-mail: [email protected]

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