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A single electrode plasma discharge tube device

5th International Conference on Plasam Chemistry and Plasma Processing
November 13-14, 2017 Paris, France

Shouguo Wang

Qilu University of Technology, China

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Biot Phyt


A discharge tube device has a replaceable discharge tube and a hand-held shell into which the replaceable discharge tube is plugged. There is a single electrode inside of the tube and no other electrodes outside. This electrode is connected to an output of a power supply and another output of the power supply is connected to the ground. The input of the power supply is a 12 V or lower, DC (direct current) source, or a battery. The plasma is generated via a contact-tube outside discharge, or a plasma jet from the tube, that uses working inert gas. The plasma discharge tube will produce atmospheric pressure, cold quasi-glow plasma, which can be used for sensitive surface disinfection, sterilization, as well as facial skin rejuvenation, treatment of skin tissue infections and destruction of cancer cells.


Shouguo Wang is from Qilu University of Technology.

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