Journal of Plant Diseases & Biomarkers

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Editorial Board Members

    Editor Board Member
  • Miroslawa Cieslinska
    Associate Professor, Department of Fruit Plant Protection, Research Institute of Horticulture, Poland
  • Kaivan Karimi
    Post-doc researcher, Plant Protection Department, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
  • Anna Wenda-Piesik
    Department of Plant Growing Principles and Experimental Methods, UTP University of Science and Technology, Poland
  • Raksha Singh
    Department of Plant Pathology, University of Arkansas, USA
  • Ewa Bozena Moliszewska
    Department of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Opole University, Poland
  • Louis K. Prom
    Department of Plant Pathology & Microbiology, Texas A&M University, USA
  • Yuqing He
    National Key laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement, Huazhong Agricultural University, China
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