Ophthalmology Case Reports

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Current Issue

2020: Volume 4, Issue 2

Awards 2020 P.1-1

Awards at 3rd World Congress on Eye and Vision May 18-19, 2020 Amsterdam.

Author(s): Elizabeth Cardeso


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Image Article P.2-2

Maternally inherited diabetes and deafness (MIDD)-associated macular dystrophy imaged with oct angiography.

Author(s): Jaclyn L. Kovach*


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Image Article P.3-3

The ring that resounds on the ultrasound.

Author(s): Ankita Shrivastav, Vikram Vinayak Koundanya*, Shalini Singh, Chanda Gupta, Sumit Kumar


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Image Article P.4-4

Encephalocraniocutaneous lipomatosis: a neurocutaneous syndrome.

Author(s): Farouk AG*


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Case Report P.5-9

Ocular tuberculosis-diagnostic difficulties and therapeutic features

Author(s): Nicoleta Anton, Ciprian Danielescu*, Laura Popa, Anisia Iuliana Alexa, Alina Cantemir, Camelia Margareta Bogdanici, Roxana Elena Ciuntu


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Case Report P.10-13

Rare cases of corneal scar management after ocular trauma with 0.03% flurbiprofen and 0.5% loteprednol etabonate.

Author(s): Kandagadla Jyoti*


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