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Allied Academies News Number 19 - Fall 2006

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The Fall Conference in Reno turned out to be a great conference! We were all delighted by how nice the Atlantis Hotel facilities and staff were. We even had a very good turn out despite our fears of it being a very small conference. The city of Reno is so nice and clean compared to Las Vegas. We flew into Sacramento, CA and rented a car so we could drive over Donner's Pass and recreate a trip we had taken ten years earlier. The scenery was beautiful and we would have stopped at the historic towns along the way to visit had we had more time to do so. Maybe it's just because it reminds me of home, but in my humble opinion, Reno is a beatiful town nestled in some beautiful mountains. The only drawback it has is that direct flights in are not as easy to come by as they are with a big city like Las Vegas. However, I highly recommend flying into Sacramento and taking a leisurely drive over the mountain so that you can really stop and appreciate the scenery. You will also begin to appreciate how good we have it today compared to when roads and railroads were cut in with men with picks and manual labor was one of the few ways to make a living. After all, what good is a business trip if you don't get to enjoy the scenery.

On another note, we are getting ready to start Phase Two of our multi phase web site project. We hope to be taking the level of automation of our Journal submission process to a whole new level never dreamed of before. This will be quite an endeavor and the system designer is still trying to map out how much time it will take and the costs involved. In the meantime, the temporary Direct Submission form has quit working due to something I did, so just email me your direct journal submissions and I will take care of them for you. Just be sure the author contact information is on the cover page of the paper and you indicate which Journal it's for. There will likely be some other unexpected bumps along the way due to the scale of this project, so please bear with us. The end result will be faster turnaround times for review, no lost papers, and a more efficient way of tracking papers through to publication. youtube to mp3


Spring 2007 International Conference in Jacksonville

The Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Riverfront was our second choice if New Orleans did not recover, so we have chosen them to be our location for the Spring 2007 International Conference. It is currently slated for April 11-14, 2007. The hotel has been recently remodeled and converted into a Crowne Plaza. It now offers a fitness center, gift shop, business center, outdoor riverside pool, two bars and two restaurants, including Ruth's Chris Steak House. They have also offered us a guest room rate of $105 per night. It looks like a very nice hotel for a very reasonable rate so we hope to see you all there as well. Be sure to tell them you are with Allied Academies when you book. For reservations call 877-227-6963.

Summer International Internet Conference

Our Summer 2007 International Internet Conference (July 16-31) has been growing in popularity among our members and gives participants the ability to submit papers just as they would for a normal conference without having to go anywhere. As many of you know, submitting a paper for award consideration at one of our conferences is a very effective way to get your paper considered for Journal publication very quickly. Participation is as easy as reading through the online proceedings, choosing those papers that interest you, then sharing comments on the message board regarding things you would like to share about your paper or other peoples'. We will also post Power Point presentations to our web site if you wish. We will be working on some added features to increase the level of interactivity so stay tuned for more on that.

Fall 2007 International Conference in ???

We are not sure where the conference will be in October of 2007. However, we will be striving for October 10-13 for those of you who like to plan way in advance. We have been looking into options in Las Vegas and in Reno (as well as a few other cities in the mid-west. If you have a preference, feel free to share. I was hoping to put together a survey to send out, but have been too swamped with emails to get that done as of yet. We have several criteria involved and the prices we can get affect our break even point to a great extent.

Journal News

In addition to the new system being implemented to speed up the processing of Journal submissions, we are also planning on rolling out an improvement that should bring our Journals some more exposure. We have not yet began pushing indexing or library subscriptions because we were just not ready for the increase in traffic and demand that might bring about. With this new system, we will be able to post all of our Journals online, password protect them for member/subscriber only access, and begin pushing the subscriptions. I already have a stack of interested libraries and subscriptioni agencies, but we have to make sure the web site is ready before we do this. Make sure you have filled out a User Registration Form so that we can keep you informed as this project develops. We think it will be to the benefit of everyone involved with our organization.

Allied Academies Awards

Creative and Innovative Teaching Awards

The Academy of Educational Leadership sponsors special Awards to recognize innovative and creative teachers and educational programs. To be eligible for consideration, an individual must be nominated by a member of the Allied Academies and undergo evaluation by the Teaching Awards Committee. The following individuals have met the criteria and have been judged by the Committee to be worthy of the designation, Distinguished Teachers. We extend to them our sincere congratulations.

Donald English, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Harriet Stephenson, Seattle University
Robert Webster, Ouachita Baptist University

Creative and Innovative Education Awards

The Academy of Educational Leadership sponsors special Awards to recognize innovative and creative teachers and educational programs. The criteria for recognition include the on going delivery of outstanding instruction and education, and, the practice of innovative and creative education. Any academic unit of a college or university is eligible for consideration, but a unit may not win the award more than once. The following units have met the criteria and have been judged by the Committee to be worthy of the Distinguished Education Award. We extend our sincere congratulations to:

The Akron University Barker Center for Economic Education
Fred M. Carr, University of Akron
Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
Elena Allison , Defense Language Institute
Andrei Aleinikov, Defense Language Institute

Fellow Award

These individuals have been supporters of the Allied Academies for many years. They have encouraged attendance at the conferences, worked as Referees and Editors, and have taken on extra duties on our behalf and. They have been good friends and colleagues, and are clearly worthy of Fellow status.

Pamela Johnson, California State University Chico

Julie Indvik, California State University Chico

Claudia Rawlins, California State University Chico

The Larry R. Watts Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Larry R. Watts extended extraordinary service to the Allied Academies throughout the establishment and growth of the organization and the development of its various Academies and Journals. This award, named in his honor, is bestowed only upon Academy Fellows who make outstanding contributions to the organization above and beyond the normal call of duty.

For her unwavering support, involvement with the Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, and constant enthusiasm and lasting friendship, we thank...

Inge Nickerson, Barry University

Distinguished Research Awards

We would like to congratulate the Distinguished Research Award Winners. The competition was extremely rigorous and intense. After extensive, double blind, peer review, the journal referees distinguished research status to 25% of the manuscripts. The authors of the following works will receive engraved plaques, and the manuscripts will be published in a future issue of the appropriate journal.

Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies
Do Firms Manage Their Earnings Prior to Filing for Bankruptcy?
Robert Leach, University of South Carolina-Aiken
Paul Newsom, Valparaiso University
The Effects of Sarbanes-Oxley on Earnings Forecasts
Ronald A. Stunda, Birmingham-Southern College
Managing Pension Expense for Managed Earnings: Why FASB is Rethinking Pension Standards
Paula Diane Parker, University of South Alabama
Martha Lair Sale, Sam Houston State University
The Change in the Behavior of Odd-Lot Short Sellers
Barry R. Marks, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Joseph P. McCormack, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Academy of Commercial Banking and Finance
Inside Versus Outside Successions in the Banking Industry
Thomas G. W. Williams, Fayetteville State University
M. Monica Her, California State University, Northridge
Patrick J. Larkin, Fayetteville State University
Academy of Economics and Economic Education
Internationalization of the Economics Major: A “How To” with Case Studies
Nancy J. Burnett, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Ralph O. Gunderson, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
M. Ryan Haley, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
M. Kevin McGee, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Economic Action in Social Collectivities
Claus Nygaard, Copenhagen Business School
Academy of Educational Leadership
Contextual Applications-Based Learning or Traditional Knowledge-Based Learning:
A Case for Higher Order Learning and Transfer
Patricia Murdock Miller, Rockhurst University
Leadership: Does Culture Matter?
Comparative Practices Between Argentina and the United States of America
Carlos Aimar, Centro Universitario San Isidro
Stanley Stough, Southeast Missouri State University
Integrating ICT into Higher Education:
A Study of Onsite vs Online Students’ Perceptions
Gérard Fillion, University of Moncton
Moez Limayem, University of Lausanne
Thérèse Laferrière, Laval University
Robert Mantha, Laval University
E-Learning: Attitudes and Behaviors of End-Users
Patricia C. Borstorff, Jacksonville State University
Keith Lowe, Jacksonville State University
Course Embedded Assessment and Assurance of Learning:
Examples in Business Disciplines
Cheryl McConnell, Rockhurst University
Gail Hoover, Rockhurst University
Gerald Miller, Rockhurst University
Academy of Entrepreneurship
“Who is an Entrepreneur?” Is it Still the Wrong Question?
Brian McKenzie, California State University- East Bay
Entrepreneurial Profiling: A Decision Policy Analysis of the Influence of
Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy on Entrepreneurial Intent
Jeff Brice, Jr., Texas Southern University
Sex Differences in Business Failure Rates,
Sherry Robinson, Penn State University
Academy of Health Care Management
Tobacco: The Trigger to Other High Risk Health Behaviors
Marc Marchese, King’s College
Bernard Healey, King’s College
Academy of Entrepreneurship Education
Establishing a Campus-Wide Entrepreneurial Program in Five Years: A Case Study
Kirk Heriot, Columbus State University
Leo Simpson, Western Kentucky University
Plagiarism and Business Plans: A Growing Challenge for Entrepreneurship Education?
Robert J. Lahm, Jr., Middle Tennessee State University
Academy of Information and Management Sciences
The Impact of Fairness on User’s Satisfaction with the IS Department
Obyung Kwun, Emporia State University
Khaled Alshare, Emporia State University
Modeling the Academic Publication Pipeline
Steven E. Moss, Georgia Southern University
Xiaolong Zhang, Georgia Southern University
Mike Barth, Georgia Southern University
Academy of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues
Government Regulation of Accountants: The PCAOB Enforcement Process
Jerry Wegman, University of Idaho
Preventing Employee Identity Fraud: Policy and Practice Issues for Employers
Gerald E. Calvasina, Southern Utah University
Richard V. Calvasina, University of West Florida
Eugene J. Calvasina, Southern University
Ethics of U.S. Government Action and Inaction: Is Louisiana Being Treated
Like a Colony of the United States? John Lambert, University of Southern Mississippi
Academy of Marketing Studies
Spouse’s Joint Decision-Making: Is Level of Initial Disagreement Important?
Cheryl B. Ward, Middle Tennessee State University
Do Not Call Lists: A Cause for Telemarketing Extinction or Evolution?
Connie R. Bateman, University of North Dakota
JoAnn Schmidt, University of North Dakota
Academy of Organizational Culture, Conflict and Communications
Discrimination: Women in Business
Dana Bible, Sam Houston State University
Kathy L. Hill, Sam Houston State University
Academy of Strategic E-Commerce
E-Commerce Disruptive Innovations in Charity and Non-Profit Fund Raising
Chung-Shing Lee, Pacific Lutheran University
Eli Berniker, Pacific Lutheran University
Glenn Van Wyhe, Pacific Lutheran University
Academy of Strategic Management
Strategic Orientation, Organizational Structure, and the Associated
Effects on Performance in Industrial Firms
Larry P. Pleshko, Kuwait University
Inge Nickerson, Barry University
Academy of Studies in International Business
An Examination of Structural Change and Nonlinear Dynamics in Emerging Equity Markets
Vivek K. Pandey, The University of Texas at Tyler
International Academy for Case Studies
Tom Brown, Inc: Surviving in the Oil and Gas Industry
William T. Jackson, Dalton State College
Mary Jo Jackson, Dalton State College
Larry A. Johnson, Dalton State College
Hedging Foreign Currency Transaction Exposure
Benjamin L. Dow III, Southeast Missouri State University
David Kunz, Southeast Missouri State University
The Effect of Changes in Accounting for Defined Benefit Pensions and
Other Post-Retirement Benefit Plans on Companies’ Financial Statements and Stakeholders
Marianne L. James, California State University-Los Angeles
Strayer Education, Incorporated: An Equity Valuation
James Stotler, North Carolina Central University

Conference Photos

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