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Allied Academies News Number 15 - Fall 2004

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The Maui Conference represented the 10 year anniversary meeting of the Allied Academies and it turned out to be a great conference! Maui is a bit on the expensive side, so we did not have as many physical participants as we normally do, but it was quite a good turnout for Maui (with over 130 registrants). We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who participated. It is the authors and the conference participants who make the Allied Academies successful and who support our efforts to achieve our mission.

As you know, Allied Academies is a not for profit corporation and is not sponsored by any university or organization. We are dependent upon conference registration fees, and contributions from interested and supportive groups. Our mission is to support and encourage the exchange of ideas in higher education throughout the world. To that end, we sponsor conferences and publish journals. In addition, we maintain this web site which has developed into an important communication medium for our membership and for scholars from around the world. We publish our journals simultaneously in hard copy and on the web page, and you can view conference proceedings, newsletters and academy information there as well.

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  • Spring International Conference in Memphis, TN

    Our Spring 2005 International Conference in Memphis (April 14-16) is coming up and we are expecting it to be our best turnout yet. We now have our online forms up and running and registration materials are currently due by February 28. To provide you with maximum outlets for your research, the Allied Academies will hold joint meetings of all its member academies. The Internet Division will allow registrants to participate without traveling to the Conference, but we hope to see you all there!

    Summer International Internet Conference

    The Internet Conference has continued to grow in popularity and this July we will have our 7th Summer International Internet Conference. With budget shortfalls and reduced travel allowances, the Internet Conference has become a necessity for some and a luxury for others.  It is the same as a physical conference, with the exception of having to travel.  The conference will be held completely online, with the ability for participants to communicate via a message board, e-mail, instant messaging, Power Point, and video if they so choose.  

    Participants can submit their papers for award consideration, then 25% will be selected as winners and will have their works published in the appropriate Journal. There will be a conference Proceedings published on-line as well as on CD, and a conference Program published both in hard copy and on-line. This year, in addition to the bulletin board we have for posting questions and comments, we will add the live chat capability via your browser's built in Instant Messaging application. Participants can also submit Power Point presentations to be posted on our web site as a companion to their paper. The Internet conference will run for two weeks giving participants plenty of time to participate as their schedules and time zones allow (no strict schedule will be required). See our Submission Instructions page for information on submitting.

    Academies & Journal News

    We currently publish 16 different Journals (all with a 25% acceptance rate and listed in Cabell's) representing every area in the School of Business. Due to some recent health problems, we are just now getting the rest of the 2004 issues of the Journals published and mailed. We would like to apologize for the delay and reassure you that it was caused by forces beyond our control. We will be updating the online Journal pages this month with the new additions as well.

    Creative and Innovative Teaching Awards

    The Academy of Educational Leadership sponsors special awards to recognize creative and innovative teachers and educational programs. To be eligible for consideration, an individual must be nominated by a member of the Allied Academies and undergo evaluation by the Teaching Awards Committee. The following individuals have met the criteria and have been judged by the Committee to be worthy of the designation, Distinguished Teachers. We extend to them our sincere congratulations.

    Denise Woodbury, Southern Utah University
    LeVon Wilson, Western Carolina University
    Charlotte Stephens, Louisiana Tech University

    Creative and Innovative Education Award

    The criteria for recognition include the on going delivery of outstanding instruction and education, and, the practice of innovative and creative education. Any academic unit of a college or university is eligible for consideration, but a unit may not win the award more than once. The following unit has met the criteria and has been judged by the Committee to be worthy of the Distinguished Education Award. We extend our sincere congratulations to Dr. Rolf A. Lundin, Dean, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden, and to the distinguished faculty and administrators who support this exceptional unit.

    Jönköping International Business School
    Jönköping, Sweden

    Fellow's Awards

    Dr. Sarah Pitts has been a supporter of the Allied Academies for many years. She has encouraged attendance at the conferences, taken on extra duties on our behalf and edited the Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues and has turned her focus now to assisting her husband to edit the new Journal of Healthcare Management She has been a friend and a colleague as well as one worthy of Fellow status. Sarah Pitts, Christian Brothers University

    Carland Award for Outstanding Research in Entrepreneurship

    The Carlands reward the outstanding dissertation in entrepreneurship with a plaque, a journal article in the Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal and a check for $1,000. We are happy to give that award this year to....

    Mikael Samuelsson
    For His Dissertation Entitled

    "Creating New Ventures: A Longitudinal Investigation of the Nascent Venturing Process"
    Under the Direction of
    Rolf A. Lundin, Jönköping University

    The Larry R. Watts Distinguished Service Award

    Dr. Larry R. Watts extended extraordinary service to the Allied Academies throughout the establishment and growth of the organization and the development of its various Academies and Journals. This award, named in his honor, is bestowed only upon Academy Fellows who make outstanding contributions to the organization above and beyond the normal call of duty.

    For his unwavering support, involvement with the Journal of International Business Research and constant enthusiasm, we thank...
    Balasundram Maniam, Sam Houston State University

    Distinguished Research Awards

    We would like to congratulate the Distinguished Research Award Winners. The competition was extremely rigorous and intense. After extensive review, the panel of judges awarded distinguished research status to 27% of the manuscripts. The authors of the following works will receive engraved plaques, and the manuscripts will be published in the next regularly scheduled issue of the appropriate journal.

    Academy of Accounting Studies

    The Relationship between Interest Rates and the Number of Large and Small Business Failures
    Steven V. Campbell, University of Idaho
    Askar H. Choudhury, Illinois State University

    Brand Value and the Representational Faithfulness of Balance Sheets
    Philip Little, Western Carolina University
    David Coffee, Western Carolina University
    Roger Lirely, Western Carolina University

    Academy of Commercial Banking and Finance

    Bank Loans and Corporate Debt Ownership: Some Evidence from an Economy in Transition
    Sanjay Rajagopal, Montreat College

    Academy of Economics and Economic Education

    Monetary Policy and Housing Market: A Cointegration Approach
    Doh-Khul Kim, Mississippi State University-Meridian
    Kenneth A. Goodman, Mississippi Sate University-Meridian
    Lauren M. Kozar, Mississippi State University-Meridian

    An Approach for Solving the Coming Financial Crisis in Social Security
    Stephen T. Evans, Southern Utah University
    Matthew T. Evans, Brigham Young University

    Economics and Business Education:
    A Comparative Study of the Ukraine and the United States
    Larry Dale, Arkansas State University

    Academy of Educational Leadership

    An Examination of the Gap Between Supervisory Job Expectations and Student Perceptions
    of Those Expectations Using the Kano Model of Customer Satisfaction
    Charles R. Emery, Lander University
    Samuel H. Tolbert, Lander University
    Katherine J. Barker, State University of New York-Fredonia B-School Deans’ Perceptions of E-Journals
    Robert H. Stretcher, Sam Houston State University
    Geraldine E. Hynes, Sam Houston State University
    Charles R. B. Stowe, Sam Houston State University

    The Perspective of New Faculty on AACSB Accreditation
    Wayne A. Roberts, Jr., Southern Utah University
    Roy Johnson, Southern Utah University
    John Groesbeck, Southern Utah University

    The Effect of Monetary Incentives on Accounting Student Motivation
    Steven V. Campbell, University of Idaho
    Marcia S. Niles, University of Idaho

    Factors Affecting Student Achievement in Cost Accounting
    Florence R. Kirk, State University of New York-College at Oswego
    Charles A. Spector, State University of New York-College at Oswego

    The MBA: Does it Do the Job?
    Robyn W. Hulsart, Ohio Dominican University

    Academy of Entrepreneurship

    An Examination of the Stress Experienced by Entrepreneurial Expatriate Health Care
    Professionals Working in Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana,
    Niger, Nigeria, Paraguay, South Africa and Zambia
    Shawn M. Carraher, Texas A&M University-Commerce
    Sherry E. Sullivan, Bowling Green State University
    Sarah C. Carraher, Texas A&M University

    A Profile of Human Resource Personnel and Practices in Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
    Terry Pearson, West Texas A&M University
    David F. Summers, University of Houston-Victoria
    LaVelle Mills, West Texas A&M University

    Putting Entrepreneurship in its Rightful Place:
    A Typology for Defining Entrepreneurship across Private, Public and Nonprofit Sectors
    Juita-Elena Wie Yusuf, University of Kentucky

    The Impact and Effect of Hispanic Growth on Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development
    Don B. Bradley, III, University of Central Arkansas
    Leta Stuckey, University of Central Arkansas

    Growth Aspirations, Risk and Gender: A Look at Legal Form in the Service Industries
    Thomas A. Turk, Chapman University
    Lois Shelton, Chapman University
    Modeling Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Japanese Organizations
    Russell W. Teasley, Western Carolina University
    Richard B. Robinson, University of South Carolina

    Academy of Financial Studies

    What Puts the Convenience in Convenience Yields?
    Bahram Adrangi, University of Portland
    Arjun Chatrath, University of Portland
    Rohan Christie-David, Louisiana Tech University
    William T. Moore, University of South Carolina

    The Effect of the Firm’s Monopoly Power on the Earnings Response Coefficient
    Kyung Joo Lee, Cheju Nation University, Korea
    Jongdae Jin, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
    Sung K. Huh, California Sate University-San Bernardino

    Investor Risk Aversion and the Weekend Effect: The Basics
    Michael T. Young, Minnesota State University-Mankato

    Academy of Health Care Management

    Antecedents in the Workplace Which Lead to the Exacerbatory Factors of Chronic Fatigue,
    Uncertainty about the Future and Depression in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis
    Christopher S. Alexander, King’s College

    Academy of Information and Management Sciences

    Understanding IS Worker Turnover Decisions: Is it Job Satisfaction or Job Fit with Quality of Life Goals
    David S. Taylor, Sam Houston State University
    Wynne W. Chin, University of Houston

    Academy of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues

    New Regulations that Impact Information Systems Employees
    Gary P. Schneider, University of San Diego
    Carol M. Bruton, California State University-San Marcos

    Attitudes Toward Counterfeit Products: An Ethical Perspective
    Cecilia Maldonado, University of Texas-Pan American
    Evelyn C. Hume, Longwood University

    Reverse Age Discrimination: A New Twist to an Age-old Problem
    Debra D. Burke, Western Carolina University
    Jerry L. Kinard, Western Carolina University
    Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of Genomic Research:
    Striking a Balance Between Science and Law
    Le Von E. Wilson, Western Carolina University

    Academy of Marketing Studies

    A Study of Market Orientation in American Business Schools
    Robert L. Webster, Ouachita Baptist University
    Kevin L. Hammond, University of Tennessee at Martin
    Harry A. Harmon, Central Missouri State University

    The Academy of Marketing Studies Journal: An Analysis of the First Seven Years
    Michael W. Preis, Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus
    Gregory M. Kellar, Penn State University, Delaware County

    South African Consumers’ Use of Quality Cues When Buying Venison
    Laetitia Radder, Port Elizabeth Technikon, South Africa

    Service Quality: An Empirical Study of Expectations Versus Perceptions in the Delivery of Financial Services
    James B. Bexley, Sam Houston State University
    Paul Hewer, University of Stirling, United Kingdom
    Leigh Sparks, University of Stirling, United Kingdom

    Academy of Organizational Culture, Conflict and Communications

    Have Business Communication Instructors Changed Their Perception of Business Ethics:
    A Comparative Study
    Donald English, Texas A&M University-Commerce
    Edgar Manton, Texas A&M University-Commerce
    Janet Walker, Texas A&M University-Commerce

    Academy of Strategic E-Commerce

    A Hybrid Web-Centric and Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Consumer-to-Consumer E-Commerce
    James Otto, Towson University
    William Wagner, Villanova University
    Vik Pant, Ixos Corporation

    Academy of Studies in International Business

    Cross Border Stock Market Efficiency: Stockholm versus U.S. Stock Prices
    Terrance Jalbert, University of Hawaii at Hilo
    Jonathan Stewart, Abilene Christian University
    Karl-Johan Moritz, University of Hawaii at Hilo
    Does the Presence or Lack of Intellectual Property Rights Protection Affect
    International Trade Flows in Emerging Market Economies? An Exploratory Study
    Christopher Ngassam, Virginia State University

    Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Country Analysis
    Greg Leopold, Sam Houston State University
    Balasundram Maniam, Sam Houston State University

    International Academy for Case Studies

    Green Enterprises, Inc.
    Javad Kargar, North Carolina Central University
    Joi Ponder, North Carolina Central University
    Marcus Phillips, North Carolina Central University

    Hole in One Bagels
    Barbara K. Fuller, Winthrop University
    Michelle Burns, Winthrop University

    The Missouri Department of Economic Development
    D. K. “Skip” Smith, Southeast Missouri State University

    The Galactica SUV
    Craig B. Barkacs, University of San Diego
    Linda L. Barkacs, University of San Diego

    Mountain Skin Care
    Jillian Tueller, University of Idaho
    Philip D. Olson, University of Idaho

    Motivational Issues and Safety Regulations in Arabia: A Case Study of a Multinational Oil Company
    Asya Al-Lamky, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
    Unnikammu MoideenKutty, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

    The Seductions of Arthur Thompson: An Instructional Case on Ethics in the Accounting Workplace
    Richard T. Henage, Utah Valley State College

    REIT Valuation: The Case of Equity Office Properties
    James Stotler, North Carolina Central University

    China Automotive Systems, Inc.: The Case for Reverse Mergers
    Vaughn S. Armstrong, Utah Valley State College
    Norman D. Gardner, Utah Valley State College

    Nunivak Island Mekorynk Alaska (NIMA) Corporation:
    An Examination of a Native Village Corporation’s Strategy Development
    Wayne Don, NIMA Corporation
    Art Warbelow, Warbelow’s Air Ventures, Inc
    Steven P. Landry, University of Alaska Fairbanks

    Conference Photos

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