Journal of Fisheries Research

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Current Issue

2020: Volume 4, Issue 2

Commentary P.3-4

Short commentary on the population structure of Deepsea Shrimp, Aristeus alcocki from India.

Author(s): Paramasivam Purushothaman*


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Commentary P.5-6

Mudskippers in the Mekong Delta might tell us something about vertebrate transition to land?

Author(s): Atsushi Ishimatsu*


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Research Article P.7-11

Growth rate determination of the endangered mahseer, tor tor (hamilton 1822) from the bundelkhand region, central India.

Author(s): Prakash Nautiyal, Amitabh Chandra Dwivedi*


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Editor Note P.12-12

Fisheries science is helpful for global future.

Author(s): Abhijit Mitra*


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