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Current Issue

2021: Volume 5, Issue 2

Awards 2020 P.1-2

2nd World Dermatology and Cosmetology Congress

Author(s): Clara Smith


Review Article P.15-19

Polyaniline / copper nanocomposites for enhanced electrode applications

Author(s): Sumangala Ra, A. Sobhaa

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Awards 2020 P.1-1

22nd World Dermatology Congress

Author(s): Afshar Zomorodi

2021: Volume 5, Issue 1
2020: Volume 4, Issue 2

Commentary P.7-8

Neonatal acne based on maternal lipidomic profiling prediction

Author(s): Congfen He, Hecong Wang


Short Communication P.9-11

Earliest stage treatment of actinic keratosis/non melanoma skin cancer

Author(s): Daisy Kopera


Case Report P.12-14

Cutaneous sarcoidosis without systemic involvement: A modest face of the great imitator.

Author(s): Ghazala Butt, Aimen Maqsood, M Arsalan Ibrahim, Muhammad Umer Mukhtar, Muhammad Uzair, Uzma Malik

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2021: Volume 5, Issue 5
2021: Volume 5, Issue 4

Commentary P.1-1

Side effects and its treatment of acne.

Author(s): Diani Gollinik

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Commentary P.2-2

Pathophysiology and causes of atopic dermatitis.

Author(s): Ping Tu

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Editorial P.4-4

Causes and treatment of cyst.

Author(s): John Demmit

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Commentary P.5-5

Corona virus's skin effects: Symptoms and risks.

Author(s): Rishi Pandya

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2021: Volume 5, Issue 3
2019: Volume 3, Issue 1

Editorial P.1--2

Global Summit on Melanoma and Carcinoma

Author(s): Stefan Glueck

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Editorial P.1-1

Dermatology Global Market Analysis

Author(s): Hanieh Erdmann

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Editorial P.1-1

World Dermatology 2020 Awards

Author(s): Clara Smith

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Editorial P.1-1

Wound Care 2020 Awards Announcement

Author(s): Alexander Seifalian

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Research Article P.12-17

Pediatric syphilis: A five-year experience in a single centre

Author(s): Rolotti MF, Torres Molina L, Garone A, Rositto A

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Clinical Image P.18-18

Rovalpituzumab induced photosensitivity

Author(s): Mathis J*

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