Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology

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Current Issue

2018: Volume 1, Issue 1

Editorial P.4-5

Inhibition of LIM kinase inhibits cancer growth

Author(s): Juliana Antonipillai, Sam L Francis


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Research Article P.14-19

The effect of different spectral LED lights on the phenotypic and physiological characteristics of lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ) at picking stage.

Author(s): Tao Zhang, Yuanyuan Shi, Yuanyuan Wang, Yongpeng Liu, Weixing Zhao, Fengzhi Piao, Zhiqiang Sun


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Editorial P.20-20

Yoga and physiology: An update.

Author(s): Jabir P K, Kumar Sai Sailesh


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Research Article P.28-33

Study of a gluten-free bread made from Gagome kelp (Kjellmaniella crassifolia Miyabe).

Author(s): Masaharu Seguchi, Kyoko Iseki, Aya Tabara, Miki Takeuchi, Chieko Nakamura


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