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The Tunica Conference (the 15th meeting of the Allied Academies) is over and it was a great success. We had our largest group ever with over 180 participants! We had more than 30 people involved in the Internet Division, and we published over 200 manuscripts in the Proceedings. We had authors from around the globe and across the United States. We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who participated. It is the authors and the conference participants who make the Allied Academies successful and who support our efforts to achieve our mission.

As you know, the organization is a not for profit corporation and is not sponsored by any university or organization. We are dependent upon conference registration fees, and contributions from interested and supportive groups. Our mission is to support and encourage the exchange of ideas in higher education throughout the world. To that end, we sponsor conferences and publish journals. In addition, we maintain this web site which has developed into an important communication medium for our membership and for scholars from around the world. We publish our journals simultaneously in hard copy and on the web page, and you can view conference proceedings, newsletters and academy information there as well.

Technology & Submission Systems

As those of you who participated in the most recent conference may know, we relied upon the same new submission system from the last conference. We hope to be totally redesigning our web site from scratch this Summer using Cold Fusion technology. According to our research that is the most advanced and robust technology available for interactive online application design. To that end, I (Trey Carland) have been taking some courses to learn that technology and hope to have the new site up and running some time in the coming months. We fully expect the new system to work much better for all of our users.

Summer Internet Conference

Our Summer 2003 International Internet Conference (similar to the Internet Division we have at every conference) has continued to grow in popularity.  Coming July 2003 we will have our 5th Summer International Internet Conference. With budget shortfalls and reduced travel allowances, the Internet Conference has become a necessity for some and a luxury for others.  It is the same as a physical conference, with the exception of having to travel.

Participants can submit their papers for award consideration, then 25% will be selected as winners and will have their works published in the appropriate Journal. There will be a conference Proceedings published on-line as well as on CD, and a conference Program published both in hard copy and on-line. This year, in addition to the bulletin board we have for posting questions and comments, we will add the live chat capability via your browser's built in Instant Messaging application. Participants can also submit Power Point presentations to be posted on our web site as a companion to their paper. The Internet conference will run for two weeks giving participants plenty of time to participate as their schedules and time zones allow (no strict schedule will be required). See our Submission Instructions page for information on submitting.

Fall International Conference in Las Vegas

Our Fall 2003 International Conference will be held in Las Vegas at the New Frontier hotel once again. As you may know, we allowed our participants to choose the location of this conference. After the first round of voting, Toronto was chosen as the winner. As we were about to sign our contract with the Toronto hotel, some of our participants began to call us with concerns regarding travel budget cuts, so we decided to put it to another vote before signing. The second time around, Las Vegas won by a small margin. Therefore, we will be returning in the Fall. We hope you will be among the growing number of people who will not miss an Allied Academies meeting. See our Submission Instructions page for information on submitting. We hope to see you all there!

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Academies & Journal News

We have been restructuring our affiliate Academies and Journals to better define the types of manuscripts suitable for each and provide our members with a wider variety of publication outlets.  We currently publish 15 different Journals (all with a 25% acceptance rate and listed in Cabell's) representing every area in the School of Business.  We will continue to add Academies and Journals based on the suggestions of our members. We fully expect this continuous improvement will be ultimately beneficial to our authors.  For more information about our affiliate Academies and the types of manuscripts they publish, please visit our Affiliate Academies page.

The newest issues of the Journals will be out by the end of the Summer (2003). We will publish them online as well as in hardcopy format (all authors will receive hard copies of the Journal in which they appear).  We have changed the way we handle accepted Journal articles and now have our publishing company handle the final submissions. We have been working closely with Whitney Press to implement a system where they receive the final manuscripts for Journal publication. We believe this will free up some of our time and resources to devote to our members. The submission instructions page and acceptance letters will reflect the new procedures. Reprints and extra copies of Journals will be available from Whitney Press. We will be working toward getting all of our back issue Journals on-line and institute a subscription process.

Creative and Innovative Teaching Awards

The Academy of Educational Leadership sponsors special awards to recognize creative and innovative teachers and educational programs. To be eligible for consideration, an individual must be nominated by a member of the Allied Academies and undergo evaluation by the Teaching Awards Committee. The following individuals have met the criteria and have been judged by the Committee to be worthy of the designation, Distinguished Teachers. We extend to them our sincere congratulations.

Dr. Andrei Aleinikov, Troy State University Montgomery
Dr. Stephen C. Betts, William Paterson University
Dr. Michael Luthy, Bellarmine University

Creative and Innovative Education Award

The criteria for recognition include the on going delivery of outstanding instruction and education, and, the practice of innovative and creative education. Any academic unit of a college or university is eligible for consideration, but a unit may not win the award more than once. The following unit has met the criteria and has been judged by the Committee to be worthy of the Distinguished Education Award. We extend our sincere congratulations to Dr. Jim Bexley, Chair of Banking, and to the distinguished faculty and administrators who support this exceptional unit.

Smith-Hutson Endowed Chair of Banking
Sam Houston State University

Larry R. Watts Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Larry R. Watts extended extraordinary service to the Allied Academies throughout the establishment and growth of the organization and the development of its various affiliate Academies and Journals. This award, named in his honor, is bestowed only upon Academy Fellows who make outstanding contributions to the organization above and beyond the normal call of duty. For his unwavering support, financial assistance, and constant enthusiasm, we thank..

Dr. Tom Payne
Students in Free Enterprise

Distinguished Research Awards

We would like to congratulate the Distinguished Research Award Winners. The competition was extremely rigorous and intense. After extensive review, the panel of judges awarded distinguished research status to 27% of the manuscripts. The authors of the following works will receive engraved plaques, and the manuscripts will be published in the next regularly scheduled issue of the appropriate journal.

Academy of Accounting Studies

A New Look at Financial Statement Articulation: Financial Accounting at the Crossroads
Richard B. Griffin, University of Tennessee at Martin
Ronald W. Kilgore, University of Tennessee at Martin
Robert L. Putman, University of Tennessee at Martin

Budgetary Participation and Performance Evaluation: An Empirical Study
Paul J. Carruth, Southeastern Louisiana University
Dean W. DiGregorio, Southeastern Louisiana University

Information Effects Associated with Going Concern Opinions in the Computer Industry
Mark Schaub, Northwestern State University
Michael P. Watters, Henderson State University
Gary F. Linn, Henderson State University

A Perspective on Joint Cost Allocation Schemes
Jongdae Jin, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
Sung K. Huh, California State University-San Bernardino

Academy of Case Studies

Custom Made Saddle Company
Calvin M. Bacon, Jr., University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Steven W. Edison, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The Treachery of Ratios
Sanjay Rajagopal, Montreat College

Negotiating with the Chinese: Chinese Tiger Barrels in the California Wine Industry
Erica Louise Harropp, Sonoma State University
Sarah Dove, Sonoma State University
Duane Dove, Sonoma State University
Wingham Liddell, Sonoma State University

Space Center Souvenirs: Ethical Decision Making in the Aftermath of a National Disaster
Kathleen H. Gruben, Georgia Southern University
Leslee N. Higgins, Georgia Southern University

Monsanto Argentina S.A.I.C.
D.K. “Skip” Smith, Southeast Missouri State University
Carlos Aimar, University of Palermo
Carlos Becco, Monsanto Argentina S.A.I.C.

Labor Relations at Smead Manufacturing Company’s Cedar City Plant
Roy B. Johnson, Southern Utah University
Gerald E. Calvasina, Southern Utah University

Counting the Returns: What Constitutes Fair Disclosure?
David Coffee, Western Carolina University
Roger Lirely, Western Carolina University

Farzam v. Gourmet Kitchens, Inc. Cases A & B
Jan Bell, California State University-Northridge
Rafi Efrat, California State University-Northridge

Maxine Clark and Build-a-Bear Workshops
Wilburn C. Lane, Lambuth University
P. Michael McCullough, University of Tennessee at Martin

Outdoor Furniture
J. Donald Weinrauch, Tennessee Technological University
Larry Maples, Tennessee Technological University
Clint Hardison, Eurofar USA
Walter E. Greene, University of Texas Pan American

The Case of Barton Mirando or CONSERVATION and Darnits!
Michael M. Grayson, Jackson State University

Telecommuting at Kentucky American Water Company
Stephen L. Loy, Eastern Kentucky University
Steven Brown, Eastern Kentucky University
E. Sonny Butler, Georgia Southern University

Iridium LLC: The First Pan-National/Borderless Communications Company
Shelley Morrisette, Shippensburg University
Louise Hatfield, Shippensburg University

Academy of Commercial Banking and Finance

An Economic Decision-Making Framework for Price Bundling of Retail Banking Services
J. Bryan Hayes, Mississippi College
Marcelo Eduardo, Mississippi College

Commercial Banks’ Privatization and Creation of Private Banks in Uzbekistan as the Necessary Factor to Restructure the Banking System
Nodira S. Rakhimkhodjaeva, Tashkent State Technical University
James B. Bexley, Sam Houston State University

Academy of Culture, Communications and Conflict

Gender as a Predictor of Interpersonal Power in Political Office
Sara Beth Kimmel, Mississippi Treasury Department
Amy Lane Chasteen Miller, The University of Southern Mississippi
David Butler, The University of Southern Mississippi
M. Ray Grubbs, Millsaps College
Shirley Olson, Olson Consulting Group
Ray Phelps, Millsaps College
Maureen Ryan, The University of Southern Mississippi
Elizabeth Semko, Jackson State University

The Virtual Water Cooler: Gossip as Constructive/Destructive Communication in the Workplace
Pamela R. Johnson, California State University, Chico
Julie Indvik, California State University, Chico

Between Expectation and Behavioral Intent: A Model of Trust
Fuan Li, William Paterson University
Stephen C. Betts, William Paterson University

Work Values: An Updated Look at Gender Differences
Sherry Robinson, Penn State University
Nicholas Beutell, Iona College

Academy of Economics and Economic Education

Economies of Scale and the Provision of Public Goods by Municipalities
Jim F. Couch, University of North Alabama
Brett A. King, University of North Alabama
Carol H. Gossett, University of North Alabama
Joan B. Parris, University of North Alabama

State Rules and Population Heterogeneity on the Formation of New Jurisdictions in Major U.S. Metropolitan Areas
Amlan Mitra, Purdue University Calumet

Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: An Empirical Analysis of Foreign Investments
Balasundram Maniam, Sam Houston State University
Robert Tuey, Sam Houston State University
Amitava Chatterjee, Texas Southern University

Host Country Income Effects of Foreign Direct Investment: An Analytical Framework
Han X. Vo, Winthrop University

Does Old-Fashioned Foreign Aid Still Have a Place in the Twenty-First Century? Corroborative Evidence
Abdalla Hagen, Grambling State University
Macil Wilkie, Grambling State University
Morsheda Hassan, Grambling State University

Economic Education as Public Policy: The Determinants of State-Level Mandates
Paul W. Grimes, Mississippi State University
Meghan J. Millea, Mississippi State University

Measuring Teacher Efficacy for Use in Economic Education
Robert F. Hodgin, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Roberto Marchesini, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Academy of Educational Leadership

Accounting Faculty: A Study of the Relationships Among Gender, Sex-Role Orientation, Academic Rank and Job Satisfaction
Suzanne Pinac Ward, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Ellen D. Cook, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Dan R. Ward, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Motivational Orientation, Self-Regulated Learning Strategies and Students’ Choice of Teaching Model
Louis F. Jourdan, Jr., Clayton College & State University
James J. Bagwell, Clayton College & State University
George Crawford, Clayton College & State University

Preparing Students for Collaborative Work or Case Studies: An Anticipatory Case
Cheryl McConnell, Rockhurst University
Laura Fitzpatrick, Rockhurst University

Increasing American Students’ Interest toward Courses and Careers in International Business: An Exploratory Research Study with Marketing Implications
John E. Robbins, Winthrop University
Joe Abramson, Marshall University
Craig Hollingshead, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

The Relationship between Part-Time Instructors and Final Grades in the Principles of Business Statistics Course
Rob H. Kamery, Christian Brothers University
Lynn P. Kugele, Christian Brothers University
Roy H. Williams, Christian Brothers University

Academy of Entrepreneurship

Global Entrepreneurship, Income and Work Norms: A Seven Country Study
Shawn M. Carraher, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Sarah C. Carraher, Texas A&M University-Commerce
William T. Whitely, University of Oklahoma

The Fact and the Fantasy of L.R.C. §1202: An Illustrative Overview and Analysis
Dan R. Ward, The University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Cheryl T. Metrejean, The University of Mississippi
Suzanne P. Ward, The University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Eddie Metrejean, The University of Mississippi

Academy of Family Business

Successful Succession: A Study of a Fifth Generation Family Firm
John James Cater, Louisiana State University

Academy of Financial Studies

International Bond Markets: A Cointegration Study
G. Wayne Kelly, Mississippi State University
Kevin E. Rogers, Mississippi State University
Kristen N. Van Rensselaer, University of North Alabama

The Effect of Expensing Stock Options on Corporate Earnings
Tricia Coxwell Snyder, William Paterson University
Martin Gritsch, William Paterson University

Market Timing and the Use of Protective Puts
Christopher L. Brown, Western Kentucky University
William J. Trainor, Jr., Western Kentucky University

The Declining January Effect: The Experience of Five G7 Countries
Anthony Yanxiang Gu, State University of New York, Geneseo

Academy of Free Enterprise Education

International Survey of Success Factors of National Champions Competing at the SIFE World Cup 2002
Inge Nickerson, Barry University
Richard Burroughs, Barry University

Academy of Information and Management Sciences

Issues Affecting the Integration of Emerging Information Technologies into Corporate Information Technology Strategy: A Delphi Study
Casey G. Cegielski, Auburn University
Brian J. Reithel, The University of Mississippi
Carl M. Rebman, The University of San Diego

Toward an Understanding of MIS Survey Research Methodology: Current Practices, Trends and Implications for Future Research
Chia-ping Yu, Tamkang University

Sample Size and Modeling Accuracy of Decision Tree Based Data Mining Tools
James Morgan, Northern Arizona University
Robert Dougherty, Northern Arizona University
Allan Hilchie, Northern Arizona University
Bern Carey, Northern Arizona University

Responding to a One-Time-Only Sale (OTOS) of a Product Subject to Sudden Obsolescence
Prafulla Joglekar, LaSalle University
Patrick Lee, Fairfield University

Understanding Strategic Use of IT in Small & Medium-Sized Businesses: Examining Push Factors and User Characteristics
Nelson Oly Ndubisi, University of Malaysia Sabah

Academy of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues

The Evolution of Online Privacy: 2000-2003
Sandra McKay, Southeastern Louisiana University

A Comparative Study: Ethical Perspectives of American and Jordanian Students
Khaled Alshare, Emporia State University
James Wenger, Emporia State University
Donald S. Miller, Emporia State University

The Power of America: Electric Deregulation and the Public Good
David C. Wyld, Southeastern Louisiana University

Academy of Marketing Studies

The Effect of Cultural Differences on Effective Advertising: A Comparison between Russia and the U.S.
Danny L. Rhodes, Anderson College
Charles R. Emery, Lander University

Celebrity Endorsers: Spokesperson Selection Criteria and Case Examples of FREDD
Robert A. Swerdlow, Lamar University
Marleen R. Swerdlow, Lamar University

Modeling Increased Repurchase Intentions in High-Tech B2B Markets Using an Information Theoretic Approach
Gregory M. Kellar, SUNY College at Old Westbury
Michael W. Preis, Long Island University-C.W. Post Campus

Trends in the Child Care Industry: Projected Demand for Child Care Services in South Memphis, Tennessee
Reginald M. Peyton, Christian Brothers University
Gilda G. Lewis, Christian Brothers University
Sarah T. Pitts, Christian Brothers University
Rob H. Kamery, Christian Brothers University

Generation Y: A Brief Synopsis and Their Reaction to the Events of September 11th
Robert D. Montgomery, University of Evansville
M. Gale Blalock, University of Evansville
Graham T. Paxton, University of Evansville

Multiple Channels for Online Branding
Gary P. Schneider, University of San Diego
Carol M. Bruton, California State University-San Marcos

Academy of Strategic E-Commerce

When Online Recruiting is a Jurisdictional Hook: How Using Interactive Web Technology Gets E-Businesses Sued in Distant Courts
Nancy J. King, Oregon State University
Ping-Hung Hsieh, Oregon State University

E-Commerce in Banking
James B. Bexley, Sam Houston State University
Balasundram Maniam, Sam Houston State University
Joe James, Sam Houston State University

Academy of Strategic Management

Substance and Builders of Strategic Planning Systems: Empirical Evidence from Large Finnish Corporations
Juha Näsi, Tampere University of Technology
Manu Aunola, Tampere University of Technology

A Framework for Strategic Sourcing
Robert Premus, Wright State University
Nada R. Sanders, Wright State University

Academy for Studies in International Business

The Fading Day-of-the-Week Effect in Developed Equity Markets
Gerald Kohers, Sam Houston State University
Vivek Pandey, The University of Texas at Tyler
Ninon Kohers, University of South Florida
Theodor Kohers, Mississippi State University

The Dollarization of Argentina and Ecuador
Hadley Leavell, Sam Houston State University
Sara Hart, Sam Houston State University
Alan Claiborne, Sam Houston State University

Business Inventories and Trade: The Case of Japanese and German Trade Influence on America
Larry R. Dale, Arkansas State University
Richard Williams, Georgetown University

Tunica Conference Photos

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