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Purnima Dey Sarkar Author

Haptoglobin is associated with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Department of Biochemistry, M.G.M. Medical college Inpore, M.P, India


Doctor Purnima Dey Sarkar works in Department of Biochemistry, M.G.M. Medical college Inpore,M.P, India is an eminent researcher in field of Biomedical Research and is expertized in the various fields like mortality. One of his renowned works are “Study of the effect of mannitol on serum electrolytes before and after three days in stroke patients” has been disseminated to the widest audience of experts; and thus increased in readership, citations and altmetric score. 

Subjects of specialization: Biochemistry, Stroke, Mortality, Mannitol therapy, Hyponatremia

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