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Moawiya A Haddad Author

The effects of aqueous ginger extract on pancreas histology and on blood glucose in normal and alloxan monohydrate-induced diabetic rats.

Department of Nutrition and Food Processing, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Al-Balqa Applied University, 19117 Al-Salt, Jordan


Moawiya A Haddad is currently work as a faculty member of the Dept. Nutrition and Food Processing, Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU). My research concentrates on food traceability, food microbiology, product development, dairy tech. and biotech., antimicrobial, antioxidants, Phenolics, and nutritional assessment. I was published more than 45 paper in peer reviewed journals and 2 books in springer. My current project related to ??Isolation of Bioactive Peptides from Jameed (Dried Fermented Dairy). Skills and Expertise: Food Chemistry, Food Analysis, Food Science and Technology, Food & Nutrition, Nutrition, Human Nutrition, Food Processing, Food Quality, Microbiology, PCR. [email protected]

Subjects of specialization: Zingiberaceae, Light microscope, Lipid profile, Diabetes mellitus

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