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Editorial - Journal of Clinical and Experimental Traumatology (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

Tomorrow starts today??

Alfredas Smailys*

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Orthopaedic Trauma Clinic, Lithuania.

*Corresponding Author:
Alfredas Smailys
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Orthopaedic Trauma Clinic, Lithuania

Accepted date: November 23, 2016

Citation: Smailys A. Tomorrow starts today…? J Clin Exp Traumatol. 2016;1(1):1

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It’s really great pleasure to have possibility to create something new. New it means new idea to have dedicated combined experimental and clinical practice trauma journal. We know how important is clinical practice, but sometimes we miss new ideas or what’s happening in the trauma experimental field.

Despite better diagnostic and treatment possibilities trauma especially in younger patients is one of the leading cause of disability. But in nowadays with longer life expectancy we have more and more elderly patients with low energy trauma demanding fast and effective treatment to return those patients to former social life. There is always need to improve prevention, diagnostic and treatment in trauma. Sometimes decision about the treatment in trauma case must be done in minutes. We need evidence based knowledge’s to choose best decision. It’s not enough to have just prospectively collected and analyzed data in trauma. Science teaches us to look deeper and wider to the problems we are facing. Science asks us to find best answer. We must try imitating clinical conditions and reactions after trauma to understand trauma caused changes in the organism. That’s the only way to get better understanding of trauma pathway. We must imitate treatment failures to discover factors influenced this outcome. That’s learning engine. It means experimental science and clinical practice must stay together. I’m really happy that there are a lot of young and experienced people who are looking for something new in trauma. All worlds around in medicine and biology are going to join together. Due to the world is running so fast we haven’t enough time to look for dozens of articles in different sites.

We need information or tendencies now. At one place. That’s the reason some important ideas can’t find targets. The researcher is just the way of thinking it doesn’t matter in clinical or experimental trauma field. We need evidence based knowledge’s to feel free. To make our trauma patients happy as soon as possible. We must share our experience and knowledge’s between our communities. So being together we’ll have possibility to generate something new which can make faster return of our patients to former life style as at the final stage of treatment.

Sometimes it’s difficult to publish data due to narrow interest of different journals. Medicine in nowadays is affected from two completely opposite process. Separation it means very specialized topics and presents interests for dedicated groups of specialist and joining together different specialties to have complete understanding of situation. Even different serials on TV screen shows how is important to have wide view and knowledge to discover and solve problem. Something similar is happening now. We need to have the journal that fits for trauma field. There would be place to meet experimental science and clinical practice. All together for trauma. It would help for both sides experience and practice to find one language and finally one common best solution for trauma. There is no way to have separate view.

We can imagine that after years we’ll look for younger which will bring the scientific light into trauma field. Let’s make life easier for us and them. Tomorrow starts today…

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