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Commentary - Journal of Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology (2021) Volume 4, Issue 6

The performance of food safety management system

Nanda Gunawardhana *

Department of Food Science Anhui University China

Corresponding Author:
Nanda Gunawardhana
Department of Food Science Anhui University China
E-mail :[email protected]

Accepted Date: 15th December, 2021

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Alzheimer's complaint (Announcement) is a progressive neurological condition associated with degeneration of neurons, memory loss, learning impairment, and significant changes in character and behavioral conditioning. Announcement is an age- related complaint, although many cases have been linked in youthful people, the progression of the complaint increases with age and has been reported to affect 10 of individualities between the age of 65 and 75 and about 32 of individualities above 80 times. Presently, no cure has been linked to halt the progression of announcement, which has been attributed to the complexity of its pathophysiology. Cholinergic dysfunction started by up regulation of acetyl cholinesterase exertion and reduction of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine has been linked as one of the causative factors of announcement. Likewise, up regulation of beta-secretes exertion, an important enzyme in the amyloid genic pathway, triggers beta-amyloid peptide accumulation, which further summations into pillars. These amyloid pillars may be released extracellular or intracellular and can spark calcium imbalance, leakage of ions, and dislocation of redox status, membrane eventuality, apoptosis, and synaptic loss. It has also been hypothesized that announcement may be associated with the accumulation of tau proteins and neurofibrillary befuddlements. Differences in the phosphorylation of tau proteins reduce its capacity to stabilize tubulins, leading to the disorganization of microtubules. The aggregation of tau proteins also leads to the conformation of neurofibrillary befuddlements.
Lately, the relationship between microbes (pathogens) and announcement has been established. There are suggestions that bacterial and viral infections may spark neurodegeneration associated with announcement.

A study carried out by revealed announcement cases infected with some bacteria presented high serum situations of beta-amyloid peptide. Microbial infections caused by pathogens similar as contagions (herpes simplex contagion type-1 (HSV-1) and cytomegalovirus) and bacteria (Helicobacter pylori, Chlamydophila pneumonia, and Borrelia burgdorferi) have been linked with cognitive dysfunction. Still, there exists no formal conflation, assessment, or mapping of microbial pathogenesis and pathophysiology places in announcement. Thus, this present study aimed to synthesize and assess global substantiation and places of microbial pathogens in announcement using wisdom mapping and content analytics. This study is the first study that applied integrated content analytics and methodical wisdom mapping of microbial places, pathogenesis, and pathophysiology in announcement to explore the associated exploration geography and cast gaps for unborn exploration endeavors. Wisdom mapping reckoned on fine and statistical ways for quantitative and qualitative appraisal of former studies in a sphere to uncover exploration gaps for unborn exploration preparedness. The wisdom mapping depended on productivity trend linked to authors and countries, thematic abstract frame, thematic development, and transnational cooperative networks (intellectual, resource, skill, help-sharing, etc.). This is anticipated to arouse interests, identify gaps, and produce mindfulness for prospects in microbe-Alzheimer's complaint exploration thrust.

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