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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2018) Artificial Intelligent Techniques for Bio Medical Signal Processing: Edition-II

Study on the inheritance of ancient culture based on the physiology and psychology

Yang Yingfa*

Hebei University of Engineering, Handan, Hebei, PR China

*Corresponding Author:
Yang Yingfa
Hebei University of Engineering
Hebei, PR China

Accepted on May 18, 2017

DOI: 10.4066/biomedicalresearch.29-17-837

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The ancient cultural relics are the proof of our country's long history and culture. The ancient culture has the extremely important research value in the field of archaeology and history, and it is one of the precious tourism resources in China with the great potential for development, so the research on the ancient cultural heritage has a strong practical significance. Based on this, the research of the ancient cultural heritage based on the physiology and psychology was studied in this paper. In this paper, first of all, the computability of physiological and psychological was introduced; then, the classification of the heritage and protection project of ancient culture was studied in detail; the field investigation was carried out. The survey shows that in order to realize the inheritance of ancient culture, our country should carry out appropriate subsidies, and the appropriate development of ancient culture can achieve the balance of revenue and expenditure.


Physiology and psychology, Ancient culture, Cultural heritage, Computability.


With the continuous development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demands for tourism are growing day by day. The tourism industry has gradually become one of the important support factors for China's economic development, and the tourism of ancient cultural relics is one of the new forces for tourism, so it has a great role in promoting the overall development of the tourism industry. Therefore, on the basis of protecting the heritage base of ancient culture, the improvement of the effective protection and development of the ancient cultural relics has become the main problem of the protection of ancient cultural relics. In view of this situation, in this paper, we deeply studied the ancient cultural heritage based on physiology and psychology. Physiological and psychological computability is an important tool for research, so this paper first analysed the physiological and psychological computability. In the end, this paper made a study on the inheritance and protection of ancient cultural relics, and conducted a field survey for half a year. The results show that with the passage of time, the value of ancient culture will continue to increase. Ticket revenue is a guarantee of stability, so from a financial point of view, this risk is controllable.

State of the Art

At present, China's ancient culture is facing many problems. All kinds of cultural relics are disappearing, and the number of damaged cultural relics is increasing. With the increase of the world heritage list, how to protect the world heritage included in the protection list of endangered heritage has become an important issue [1]. In addition, the relationship between the protection of heritage and the improvement of people's living lacks the connection. Therefore, the pursuit of modern life and the protection of cultural heritage have irreconcilable contradictions. Different groups have different ways and attitudes to protect ancient culture, but the department of architectural planning and cultural relics protection departments lack the consistent cooperation [2]. In the process of protection, we are not going to protect all traditional culture, but the most valuable culture.


Physiological and psychological computability

The quantitative study of psychology is based on the reason and logic, and the use of mathematical tools to achieve research methods is an important symbol of scientific research. Compared with the quantitative research of traditional psychology, the psychological physiology extends the data collection part, and it uses the physiological data as the useful supplement to the traditional scale data to make the psychological research more accurate.

Compared with the traditional psychometric scale and task performance measurement, psychophysiological measurement has the following advantages. First, it has the objectivity. The results show that different types of physiological data hold different opinions for cognitive processes of people, and many types of psychological and physiological data can reflect different mental states. Table 1 shows other characteristics of the psychology and physiology. Using these characteristics, we can further study the inheritance of ancient culture.

Type Characteristic
Non interference Although the physiological data need to be placed on the individual body electrodes, but such “task performance measurement” as a direct interference with the individual's ongoing tasks, so it is an interference free measurement.
Implicit Compared with the “main task performance measurement” of psychology, the measurement of explicit task performance index is compared with that of physiological data
Continuity Physiological measurement data are generally continuous signals, so it can be used to analyse the different cognitive and emotional states of individuals in response to different stimuli
Instability The acquisition of physiological and physiological measurement data requires the acquisition of professional instruments and equipment, and often require different types of electrodes in the measurement

Table 1. Advantages of psychological and physiological measurement.

A study on the classification and protection of ancient cultural relics

China has a large number of ancient cultural sites, so the exploration and development of ancient Chinese cultural sites can't be general. Therefore, we should adopt different modes of protection and utilization according to the protection and development policies of China's historical and cultural resources and the economic system as well as the ancient cultural sites with Chinese characteristics.

Based on the summary of practical experience and the analysis of the relevant literature, we found that there are four projects that may have a certain impact on the existing resources in the use of business processes, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Matrix of item types.

Result Analysis and Discussion

Famen Temple is a typical protection project of ancient cultural relics, so the start of this project, the investment and finance, the construction and operation of this project and the size of this project are all of great reference to the tourism projects of ancient cultural sites in the future. Therefore, it is of great practical significance for the feasibility study of the Famen Temple project, and we hope that it can bring the enlightenment to the inheritance and protection of ancient culture in China.

We went on a field trip to the Famen Temple project for half a year. Combined with the physiological and psychological computability method, we mainly investigated the Famen Temple project yield, as shown in Figure 2. As can be seen from Figure 2, the income of the project and the construction of the project are more sensitive factors. From the revenue point of view, the risk of the project is huge, but we should notice that: with the passage of time, the value of land will continue to increase.


Figure 2: Yield rate of the project in half a year.


Compared with other developed countries, China's economy is still relatively backward and a variety of businesses need more investments, but the Chinese government has always attached great importance to the protection and inheritance of human cultural heritage. In the field of protection and inheritance of ancient culture, China has done a lot of works, and has achieved remarkable results, so the study of ancient cultural heritage is in line with the requirements of China's strategic development. In this paper, first of all, the computability of physiological and psychological was introduced; then, the classification of the heritage and protection project of ancient culture was studied in detail; the field investigation was carried out. In order to realize the inheritance of ancient culture, our country should carry out appropriate subsidies, and the appropriate development of ancient culture can achieve the balance of revenue and expenditure. Therefore, the construction investment can't always rise. Due to the limitation of time and mu abilities, there are some deficiencies in this paper. For example, due to the uneven development of ancient culture in various regions, the results of this study may not suitable for other regions, so we also need the further study.


The work is supported by Social Science Development Research key Program of Hebei Province in 2015:

“Progressive Mechanism Construction of the Historical and Cultural Symbol Protection and Management in the City Modernization”, Project Number: 2015020601.


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