Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology

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Review Paper - Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology (2018) Volume 2, Issue 3

Pathogenesis and treatment status of adenomyosis complicated with infertility.

Hua Wang, Chun-hua Cao, Yan Chen, Saili Wang, Qin Wang*

Taizhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Affiliated to Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taizhou, China

*Corresponding Author:
Qin Wang
Taizhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Affiliated to Nanjing University of Traditional
Chinese Medicine
Tel: 86052386611252
E-mail: [email protected]


Adenomyosis (AD) refers to the endometrium (including glands and stroma) into myometrium growth of pathological changes, with the delay of women's childbearing age, the patients with Adenomyosis -associated infertility increased significantly. Although scholars disagreed about the effect of Adenomyosis on infertility, more and more evidence showed that Adenomyosis was closely related to the structural and functional defects of the eutopic endometrium and myometrial junctional zone (MJZ), which may lead to embryo implantation failure and infertility. With the rapid development of imaging technology, the accuracy of diagnose Adenomyosis has been enhanced, more and more infertility patients were diagnosed with Adenomyosis. At the same time, a series of pathogenic hypothesis have been proposed to explain the relationship between Adenomyosis. In addition, Adenomyosis may influence the patient?s reproductive function by affecting sperm transport, embryo implantation, altering uterine peristalsis, influencing the structure and function of endometrium, and changing the intrauterine environment. At present, the treatment of Adenomyosis -associated infertility is similar to the treatment of Adenomyosis. The commonly used treatment methods include drug therapy, conservative operative treatment, drug combination surgery, and Chinese medicine treatment and so on. The clinical and experimental studies of Adenomyosis complicated with infertility and its possible pathogenesis and treatment in recent years are reviewed in this article.

Retraction Note

The article entitled “Pathogenesis and treatment status of adenomyosis complicated with infertility” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology considering the statements provided in the article as personal opinion of the author which was found not having any conflict or biasness towards anything. As the article was a perspective one, information provided by the author was considered as an opinion to be expressed through publication.

Soon after the publication of the paper, we witnessed some serious concerns and many of them argued that the paper is a personal perspective and had not discussed any relevant ethical issue considered under the journal scope. Moreover, the paper is neither innovative nor thought provoking.

Publisher took decision to make the article online solely based on the reviewers suggestion which considered the article not but a personal opinion of the author. However, it is found that the article has some unavoidable mistakes and issues, therefore, being retracted from the journal.

Review Comments on this manuscript:

This article shows the importance and the needed to have validated tools to assess. Interesting topic about the perception of a worker has in this work place.

Work done is apt

Research done is authentic

Bibliography is accurate and as per norms

Tables are consistent with the results

Conclusion matches with the objectives

Good job and great explanation of the validation process.

To be accepted for further publication

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