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Editorial - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Recent advances in Pediatric Research

International Conference on Pediatrics and Neonatal Health

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After the success of the 15th edition of the Neonatal Conference and the optimistic reactions from the scientific community, renowned personalities and members of the editorial board of the Allied Journal around the world, we are pleased to announce our next 16th International Conference on Pediatrics and Neonatal Health.

This time, the Conference on Neonatology will be a unique destination for networking more than 1,000 pediatric and neonatal research communities, as well as internationally active physicians and clinicians. It brings together a multitude of doctors, directors, professors, university students and researchers in neonatal and pediatric health care, government officials and world leaders in the field to improve neonatal and pediatric health care.

Pediatrics Healthcare Congress 2020 welcomes pediatric and neonatal care experts and participating communities who are confident that they will engage in fruitful discussions on important neonatal and pediatric health care topics that focus on opportunities for innovation, technology and investment.

We hope to strengthen and leverage education in pediatric health care and newborn care that exceeds expectations, which is why we are organizing the neonatology conference and invite all neonatologists, care experts, pediatric health and children's specialists to participate in this stimulating conversation. This neonatal forum in London provides experts and opinion leaders with a platform to exchange and deliver ideas that help focus on our goals, which is a better outcome for the health of all children.

Pediatrics Healthcare Congress 2020 will include a main forum, a young researchers forum, group discussions with question and answer periods, case reviews, breakout sessions, an expo and B2B networking.

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