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Young Research Forum - Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning (2019) Volume 3, Issue 4

European Summit on Health and Fitness

Ian Martin

Professor, Medical and Health Science, Edith Cowan University, Australia, E-mail: [email protected]

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Health and Fitness 2020 Conference will be a remarkable event which cover a wide range of topics in the advancements of fitness, nutrition, healthcare. European Summit on Health and Fitness going to be held from May 01-02, 2020, at Barcelona, Spain is proud to announce the Yong Researchers Forum, with the help of the world’s leading brain powers this conference aims in proclaim knowledge and share new ideas among the professionals, industrialists and students from research areas of Health and Fitness to share their research experiences with interactive discussions and special sessions at the event.

Health and Fitness 2020 mainly focuses on the awareness about proper nutrition, diet, fitness and other risk factors that are associated with improper diet, lack of exercise along with obesity, other malnutrition causing disorders and its impact on health. The young researchers are the one who going to serve the future world with their ideas and with the most talented professionals at the conference.

The Health and Fitness YRF offers young researchers, an opportunity to meet and discuss research topics and practise, share and develop innovative ideas, learn from each other and obtain knowledge from the senior researcher.

Health and Fitness Conferences promote new ideas that have been submitted in earlier in order to have qualitative evaluation for selecting the finest Young Researcher. The eligibility standards to be registered under Young Research forums are Young investigators, PhD students, graduates students and post graduate students, post-doctoral fellow, junior faculties and trainees who are below the age of 33 years.

The Young Research Forum Award is supposed to deal with the young researchers within the field of Health and Fitness despite the age and knowledge barrier, can offer a lot of knowledge than expected and will induce the audience to learn beyond their comfort level making them believe that the future of world science is in safe hands. The young researchers who will show his/her dedication and effort to make the future of technology developments to fulfill the world never-ending desire of leading a more comfortable life is to be recognized by this award.

The submission of your paper must me linked to the subjects under any of the conference sessions and should be submitted only in English which will be reviewed by experienced professional in the field of Health and Fitness.

The Best young Research Forum Award will be presented to selected scientist whose involvement and innovation in the field of Health and Fitness will bring a progressive changes. And the Submitted paper will be published in the Allied Academies respective Journals.

We await your honourable presence in Barcelona, Spain to make the Health and Fitness conference fruitful and get rewarding insights in the very important sector of health.


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