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Awards 2020 - Journal Clinical Psychiatry and Cognitive Psychology (2019) Volume 3, Issue 2

Awards for Psychiatry Conference 2020

Sam Vaknin

Visiting Professor of Psychology, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, E-mail: [email protected]

Best Organizing Committee Member in Psychiatry 2020

This award acknowledges best member for his or her excellence support and important contribution within the conference. Organizing Committee Member will be awarded with best award on behalf of the conference.

Best Keynote Speaker in Psychiatry 2020

This award is given for best Keynote speaker, who can present their projects and research work in the field of psychiatry. If you are interested to give a keynote speech at that particular conference, you will be given a great opportunity to speak with extended time.

Best Speaker in Psychiatry Conference 2020

This award is presented for an individual who can portray their research work and projects. Those who excel in the field of psychiatry will also be honoured with a CPD certificate as well.

Best Poster Presentation in Psychiatry Conference 2020

All accepted abstracts are going to be presented at the poster sessions during the conference. Allied Academies aims at setting a platform for all the budding scientists and researchers to present their real-time work and share their views and aspects associated with the theme of the conference. Poster presentation awards will also be given to students who participate at the conference.

Best E-Poster Award in Psychiatry 2020

This award is presented for those who have sent their research work. The best E-Poster is selected by the judge and will be awarded a certificate.

Expert Level (Scientific service Achievement Award psychiatry conference 2020 )

This award is for experts who had given the outstanding Contributions in psychiatry. It is the most Prestigious award of the all over the conference and tagged as a best expert level achievement award.

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